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Water Purification Is Huge – Here’s How To Get On Board2 min read

2 March 2018 2 min read

Water Purification Is Huge – Here’s How To Get On Board2 min read

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From coast to coast, Canadians are treating their drinking water like never before. In fact, more than half of Canadian households now use at least one method to treat their water – to improve taste, appearance or odour, as well as to remove chemicals like chlorine, and to soften hard water.

There are three main categories of water purifier equipment available for your new projects:

  1. Reverse osmosis filtration – this single-faucet system reduces sediment, minerals, chemicals and other trace contaminants to provide great tasting water for a fraction of the cost of bottled water.
  2. Chlorine filtration – this whole-home system significantly reduces chlorine that can cause bad taste, and odour
  3. Water softeners – effectively remove hard minerals like calcium and magnesium making water feel better when washing skin and hair. With less soap scum build-up, you can enjoy dishes with less spots and softer laundry.  They also can help keep showerheads and faucets unclogged and maintain the efficiency of water heaters and major appliances.

With so benefits, it’s no wonder that the water purification market is growing so rapidly – it generated $2.5 billion last year in Canada. Not to mention, more and more homeowners are counting on their new homes to offer water purifier technology when they move in.

A range of products, expertise and support – plus no capital costs

Reliance™ offers a full range of custom water purifier solutions provided at no cost to you for all your new residential construction, as well as local building code expertise, technical support and personal attention for you and your on-site installers. Finally, once they move in, homeowners truly appreciate our convenient rental program, which includes 24/7 telephone support and full technical support by our licensed plumbers.

To learn more about how Reliance can help you get in on the water purification trend for all your new home construction, click here to contact your Key Account Manager today.

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