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How Builders Can Win with Smart Home Technology3 min read

Aug 30, 2021 3 min

How Builders Can Win with Smart Home Technology3 min read

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How Builders Can Win with Smart Home Technology

Smart Home technology and ecosystems have gone mainstream, and customers crave the convenience and peace of mind it offers.

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So, if you want to build in-demand housing, you need to understand this technology and incorporate it into your homes.

To help you do that, Gene LaNois, Head of Professional Industry Partnerships at Google, joins the show to share his expertise on all things Smart Home.

Smart homes enable you to not have to worry about the little things, so you can just concentrate on the things that really matter

Ecosystems Matter

Gene’s team works with builders and the professional trades — electricians, plumbers, interior designers. He wants to enable these experts to incorporate Smart Home products in all aspects of the building process.

Communication is key, and he’s bringing manufacturers, families, and developers to the table to educate and create Smart Home ecosystems.

Gene was a well-respected contractor before moving to Google Nest. As their first customer, he was blown away by the beauty and possibilities this technology offers.

It’s no longer just a catch phrase. Savvy consumers who like to spend quality time at home see the value in a safe and interconnected way to fully customize that experience.

Builders need to realize that ecosystem is not just rhetoric anymore. Consumers are really starting to understand the value of a smart home.


Smart Home tech started off somewhat fragmented. Users would need to open several apps at once and the overall experience was clunky.

Buyers want a streamlined process where everything is integrated into one intuitive system.

Voice assistance has been around for a while, and we’ve all experienced the frustration of being misheard by Alexa or Siri.

Developers are now bringing displays and visual elements back into the ecosystem to give homeowners a visual stimulation as well as a voice command option.

A media-rich control panel is now often found in a family’s kitchen — the heart of the modern household.

“We’re focused on building what we call a helpful home. It’s about enabling and taking care of the people that live there.” — Gene LaNois

The Helpful Home

We all have a routine in our lives. Everyone gets up, uses appliances, lights, water, adjusts the temp, and goes to bed.

If you don’t have to worry about these small constant adjustments happening around you, you can spend more time doing the things that make your soul happy.

Decision fatigue is a real issue. You’re constantly being asked to decide, from what to eat for lunch to life-changing business strategies.

Smart Home technology will be able to anticipate your needs according to your routine, free you from constant questions, and let you enjoy helpfulness and convenience.

The Elements

Looking at things up front, everything electrical will be connected. Start with the thermostat as the baseline to building your ecosystem.

Ridiculously good wifi is an absolute must-have. Full optimization is impossible if your devices are constantly searching for a signal.

Buyers today will not tolerate dead spots, but they don’t want to be tied to a specific area of the house, either.

Gene never thought he’d say the doorbell market is hot, but it is, thanks to new innovations in camera-equipped door guardians. They’re immensely popular for homebuyers seeking an additional level of security.

A Revenue Opportunity

Sales are only trending upward, as more and more consumers want to have these cool sci-fi houses like they’ve seen on tv.

Builders have a stellar opportunity here to increase revenue by embracing Smart Home tech, and educating both buyers and colleagues about its many benefits.

At the end of the day, capitalizing on this brave new world will help builders stand out from the competition.

“Profitability is always great, especially when you have happy customers.” — Gene LaNois

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