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What Features Are Homebuyers Looking For in New Builds in 2022 & Beyond?5 min read

Jun 29, 2022 4 min

What Features Are Homebuyers Looking For in New Builds in 2022 & Beyond?5 min read

Reading Time: 4 minutes

The RelianceTM Builder Program is designed to provide builders and contracts managers with equipment solutions for their residential developments.

As a builder or contracts manager, you want every project you work on to align with the needs of homebuyers. But how do you go about predicting what those needs are, and what they will be in a few year’s time?

Of course, each and every homebuyer will have their own list of must-haves and dealbreakers: from countertops and flooring, to home comfort equipment. And while it’s not possible to meet every individual preference, it’s important to have a clear understanding of broader trends that will appeal to a larger subset of homebuyers.

Luckily, there are clear trends emerging in Canada that are illustrating what most homebuyers are really looking for in 2022 and beyond. Read on to discover what some of these trends are, and to learn more about how the Reliance Builder Program helps builders adapt and build desirable homes.

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      What Do Homebuyers Value in 2022 & Beyond?

      Whole-Home Energy Efficiency

      Energy efficiency in the home is proving to be more than just a trend.

      In the Home Buyer Preference Survey conducted by the Canadian Home Buyer’s Association (CHBA), nearly 60% of respondents considered having an energy efficient home a “must-have.” They also indicated that they’re willing to pay for it. Just over half of respondents said they would spend between $3,000 – $5,000 extra on energy efficiency solutions to reduce their utility costs annually. Reducing utility spend was just one of many motivators according to the participants. Some of these other motivators included:

      • Protecting the environment
      • Comfort at home
      • Improved indoor air quality
      • Increased resale value

      Smart Home Technology

      Built-in smart home technology is become more popular. Smart home products like smart doorbells, voice assistants and smart thermostats are steadily making their way into homes across Canada. This doesn’t come as a surprise, considering the role this technology plays in whole home energy efficiency. For example, smart home technology can help homeowners:

      • Keep track of their energy usage and receive personalized recommendations on how to save on energy costs.
      • Automatically turn off plugged-in devices and appliances to avoid excessive energy usage.
      • Features like “geo-fencing” automatically turn down the temperature when occupants leave the home, and turn it back up to a comfortable temperature before they return.

      Overall, the demand for this type of equipment points towards a future where smart, energy efficient homes are the norm. To meet these new expectations, home builders will have to be quick to respond in order to stay competitive, differentiate their builds and attract potential buyers.

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      Get a Head Start With The Help of a Trusted Partner

      As home buyers’ values and expectations change over time, you can trust that RelianceTM is already one step ahead.

      For more than 60 years, Reliance has helped builders secure state-of-the-art home comfort equipment, maximize profitability, close on time and ultimately, build incredible homes. Now, we are bringing that same level of expertise and dedication to our smart home services.

      Build Smarter Homes With Reliance

      Reliance has teamed up with Google Nest — a leader in smart home products and services — and other providers to offer builders tailored solutions, no-cost smart home equipment, professional installation and ongoing support.

      Smart home products from Google Nest create new, dynamic ways to connect, control and help busy families stay in-touch and on track! Unlike some other smart devices on the market, Google’s line of Nest smart home products connect to one platform, creating a cooperative, intuitive smart home ecosystem.

      Builders get access to an extensive, customizable selection of equipment — including Google Nest smart home technology. Our Smart Home Starter Bundle includes some of Google’s most popular Nest smart home products:

      Nest Hello Video Doorbell
      The smart doorbell from Nest features high-definition audio and video streaming that allows homeowners to check in at any time, from anywhere.

      Smart Water Detector & Shutoff
      Get whole-home protection from leaks and water damage; this smartphone-controlled device proactively monitors your homeowners’ water usage and can automatically shut off their water to help prevent damage.

      Nest Thermostat
      The Nest smart thermostat integrates with the Google Home app, so homeowners can control the temperature of their home from anywhere. They will also receive notifications when their heating and cooling system may be in need of maintenance.

      Smart Water Detector
      Proactively monitors the home for leaks to help prevent damage.

      The Nest Hub Max
      The Nest Hub Max allows homeowners to control all their connected smart home devices from one, central hub.

      Nest Wi-Fi Router & Point
      Strong Wi-Fi is key to a reliable, connected smart home. These Wi-Fi points also act as smart speakers with Google voice assistant.

      As a Google Nest Pro Elite certified company, our technicians are specially trained to install and test the equipment to ensure optimal performance. Once homebuyers move in, they will receive ongoing support from Reliance. As customers, they can take advantage of in-home service warranty and repairs, free replacement of unrepairable equipment and live, 24/7 customer support.

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      Build Energy Efficient Homes With Reliance

      Reliance is proud to be a sponsor of the CHBA Net Zero Council. Sponsors of the Net Zero Council share a commitment to innovation and advancement in net-zero energy housing solutions. And as whole-home energy efficiency becomes more of a priority for Canadian homeowners, builders can confidently call on Reliance for the energy-efficient equipment they need to build greener homes.

      In addition to smart home equipment, we supply an extensive, customizable selection of energy efficient bundles including water heating, HVAC, indoor air quality and water purification equipment. Find efficient bundles from Reliance suitable for your Electric, Gas or Hybrid homes featuring:

      • HVAC units
      • Water Heaters
      • Smart Home products
      • EV Chargers

      Package rental rates start from just $197/month.

      Future proof your projects with energy efficient equipment from top manufacturers during the construction phase, and start your homeowners off on the right path towards potential energy savings!

      Interested in providing innovative, efficient and complete home comfort solutions for home buyers? Contact us today!