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5 Ways Builders Are Modernizing Homes4 min read

Aug 31, 2022 4 min

5 Ways Builders Are Modernizing Homes4 min read

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If you’re a builder, specifically one who does renovations, you probably noticed that a lot of properties are stuck in the past. However, there is technology available that can help bring your next build into the 21st century. Builders need to look ahead at what homeowners desire so they can make the best possible recommendations to their clients.

Young, first-time homeowners are prioritizing technology and sustainability. Builders must approach new builds with technological innovation and environmental consciousness at the forefront of their blueprints. Here are some up-and-coming items you can include in your new build.

5 Ways Builders Are Modernizing Homes

1. Better Smart Home Tools

Now is the time for builders to open their doors to the home of the future: the Smart Home. While smart homes used to be a luxury, they have quickly become an essential part of modern homes for builders on any budget. The global smart-home market will grow by 14.5% per year over the next four years, with recent research suggesting that 86% of millennials and 65% of baby boomers will pay more for one.

Smart home systems from Google, Amazon, and Apple can automate nearly every element of a home through the internet— from thermostats to lights and doorbells to locks. Smart homes can get to know your routine and adapt accordingly. The Reliance Smart Home Starter Bundle for builders includes four of the most popular Google Nest Smart Home products. We will work with you to provide a tailored Smart Home solution and take care of the installation for your home build’s unique needs.

smart home automating house

2. Energy Efficiency

Along with automation, builders are also looking to construct energy-efficient homes. The Canadian construction industry is doing its part to combat climate change, and energy-efficient homes are a crucial way to fight it. In Canada, an average heating system accounts for 61.6% of a home’s energy use. Imagine how much money homeowners could save by switching to energy-efficient heating, like tankless water heaters.

Here are some other ways to build an energy-efficient home:

  • Energy Star heating equipment and appliances
  • A small hybrid-heating system

Not only is energy efficiency important for individual home buyers, but it is important to the government too. The federal government has invested millions of dollars in energy-efficient residential buildings across Canada. In addition, the government offers grants through the Canada Greener Homes initiative to help save money on energy-efficient homes. (So why wouldn’t you?)

3. Electric Vehicles

Over the next 10 years, 70% of Canadians are likely to purchase an electric vehicle, with the Government of Canada mandating that 100% of new vehicle sales will be electric by 2035. According to a study completed by Forbes Wheels , 80% of EV charging is done at home, meaning people can benefit from getting chargers installed in their garages.

Home EV Charging Stations are a great option for prospective homeowners. Made in Canada, they are built to withstand the Canadian climate.

electrical vehicle charger

4. Water Treatment

Clean tap water is readily available in most parts of Canada. But many new homeowners believe you can go further and are asking to install systems that promote cleaner drinking water—like reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis filter solutions improve the quality and taste of drinking water by reducing impurities so your clients can enjoy cleaner and clearer water.

clean drinking water filtered right from tap

5. Air Filters

It is important to ensure you install the best HVAC filters so your clients have the best possible air quality in their homes.

Two great options on the market are the High Energy Particulate Air filter (HEPA) or an Ultraviolet (UV) Light System filter.

    a) HEPA filters do an excellent job trapping 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 microns

    b) UV Light System filters use UV light (same as the sun) to help prevent the growth of mold on your air conditioning coil

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      Start Building with Confidence

      The Reliance™ Builder Program is made for builders and their needs. We know what builders need to be successful and how to guide them through modernizing their next development. Reliance offers customizable product solutions for your unique home build. The Reliance Builder Program can also help get to certain code levels in some municipalities.

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