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Do You Need a Whole Home Humidifier?2 min read

2 March 2017 2 min read

Do You Need a Whole Home Humidifier?2 min read

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Cracked skin. Irritated sinuses. A scratchy throat and itchy eyes. Dry air is a common source of discomfort at home, and can cause a variety of respiratory problems and increased allergy symptoms. While portable humidifiers may help keep individual rooms adjusted to the right humidity, a whole home option works best to keep your entire living space comfortable.


To help you make an informed decision before purchasing a unit, here are a few important benefits of installing a whole home humidifier:


Less work

Where small, portable units generally need regular cleaning and constant refilling of water – a tedious task – a whole home humidifier only needs to be cleaned once or twice a year. In short, because it’s integrated into the blower system on your furnace, drawing water directly from your water supply, a whole home unit is a convenient install-it-and-forget-it item.


Increased home value

Naturally, potential homebuyers place value on a property that’s equipped with an up-to-date HVAC system – a whole home humidifier may increase that value. Additionally, a humidifier can provide the right amount of moisture to prevent damage to wood floors, fixtures and furniture that results from air that’s too dry.


Improved indoor air quality

A whole-house unit monitors your home’s humidity level, adding moisture only when it’s needed and limiting the humidity to the setting level you select. Many room units, on the other hand, don’t have regulators to stop the humidification process when the proper humidity level is reached, often leading to over humidification.  Too much humidity can lead to mold, mildew and dust mites. Whole home humidifiers also prevent dry and itchy skin, eyes and nasal passages, thereby ensuring your family’s healthy comfort at home. Humidifiers can also decrease the likelihood of catching viruses that thrive in low-humidity environments, like the flu, colds and other respiratory ailments.


Lower energy and operating costs

Room humidifiers often recommend expensive distilled water to operate at maximum efficiency. A whole home humidifier is integrated into your household water system, so you never need to purchase special water. Installing a whole home humidifier may also increase your home’s energy efficiency. Moist air feels warmer than dry air, meaning you can keep your thermostat at a lower level on chilly nights.



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  1. Monica

    Hi there, I am interested in a whole home humidifier for our home. When would we be able to schedule someone for a consultation? Also, how much does it generally cost to have one installed? I just want a better idea of what the price range will be. Thanks!

    • admin

      To schedule your consultation please contact us at 1-866-RELIANCE or click here to book online. As for pricing, we have a number of options to suit your needs & budget - we have whole home by-pass humidifiers that range from $459 to $719 or Steam Humidifiers which are priced at $1999 but can also be rented at a rate of $69.99 per month.

  2. barry smith

    I'm interested in a home humidifier

    • admin

      We will gladly assist, Barry. To schedule your consultation please contact us at 1-866-RELIANCE or click here to book online. Thanks!

  3. Susan Roney

    Interested in whole home humidifier

    • admin

      We are happy to help. To schedule your consultation please contact us at 1-866-RELIANCE or click here to book online.

  4. Jim White

    Are there different size humidifier units for different size houses? What square footage does the smallest one do and what is the cost installed? I don't want a phone call or a visit, just an answer. Thanks.

    • admin

      Yes there are different sizes of by-pass humidifiers. Our regular size model works for up to 3000 sq. ft.($459) and larger model covers up to 4,200 sq. ft. ($719). For more information please contact us at 1-866-RELIANCE. Thanks!

  5. Jordan Stoop

    This is certainly good post that we was awaiting for this kind of write-up and this i actually have purchased some helpful information out of this site. Be grateful for discussing these information.

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