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Spring Home Tune Up1 min read

2 May 2011 < 1 min read

Spring Home Tune Up1 min read

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Now most Spring cleanups start with top to bottom cleaning and disinfecting of all corners of the house (all natural of course – check out our recent video about how to clean green). This is usually followed by packing away the winter gear, unearthing the BBQ, and doing a little pre-season lawn and garden maintenance.
As good a start as this all may be, let’s develop some new habits that will take the spring cleanup to a whole new level this year. In today’s video, we’ll start inside, move outside and then head up onto our roof and conduct a DIY audit that’s certain to make your home a safer, more comfortable, more affordable and a greener place to live this Spring.
Let’s get to it!
As always, we’d love your thoughts or other ideas on how to make the most of your spring clean up! Please leave your comments below.

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  1. Kelly

    My husband and I would like to thank our technician Greg who came to our home today May 4, 2011. Not only did he fix our hot water tank issue but he doesn't realize that when he left we noticed he fixed a huge problem we've been having with our pipes. By fixing our pressue valve on our hot water tank we no longer hear our pipes banging in our walls after flushing our toilets or using our taps. He has relieved us of a huge headache, he has no idea. Thanks for being so nice Greg, and thanks for fixing our hot water tank issues. It will be much quieter around our house now. THANK YOU! Belle River, Ontario

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