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Welcome back everyone! We have officially kicked off the Reliance Canada Day Countdown and this month our goal is to share ways to celebrate all that is great about our beautiful country. Be sure to join us daily for ideas, discussions and more chances to win. If you haven't been to our facebook page, be […] Read More


  Invisible and odourless, it is little wonder that carbon monoxide is often referred to as the silent killer. This deadly gas can be produced by a number of household appliances including gas ranges, fireplaces, furnaces and other sources. So it is absolutely imperative that safety measures are taken to protect yourself and your loved […] Read More

Energy Star Ratings

The Energy Star ratings system was developed in the 1990s as a way for companies to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants associated with energy consumption attributed to many standard household products such as appliances, electronics and HVAC systems. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set the standards and grants the rating when specific requirements […] Read More


  This summer, you definitely don’t want to suffer through the breakdown of your air conditioner. To avoid any delay in service, here are a few common air conditioner problems that you should be aware of:   Thermostat problems — The first thing you want to do is check to make sure the thermostat has […] Read More


  An annual HVAC maintenance plan can not only reduce stress, but also benefit your system in many ways. Local companies offer these plans that include annual visits to do a thorough tune-up of your HVAC system and usually offer other extras as well. Here are the most important reasons to sign up for an […] Read More


  Most people realize that placing houseplants around your home is a great way to add to its decor. What many don’t consider, however, are the health benefits of a few well-placed varieties. Their ability to filter out dangerous pollutants commonly found in your home’s air cannot be understated, especially for those with allergies or […] Read More

door to door water heater inspectors

The prevalence of door-to-door water heater sales is causing great concern among Canadian residents. With clipboard in hand, these “inspectors” show up unannounced, requesting to enter your home in order to assess the condition of your water heater. While some inspectors might work for legitimate companies, in some cases you need to protect yourself, your […] Read More


  There is no better way to extend the life of your air conditioner than to schedule an annual tune up. That’s because having your system maintained by a qualified professional will help reduce wear and tear, alert you to any possible issues and will also ensure its efficiency …and an efficient air conditioner can […] Read More


  As the cost of energy continues to climb, it becomes increasingly important for Canadians to figure out ways to reduce their consumption. Not only it is helpful to save money where possible, but reducing your energy usage is great for the environment too. There are many things you can to reduce your energy bill, […] Read More

Cooling System Definitions

  If you have been researching HVAC systems, you have likely taken note of the different terms that are often used to describe the benefits of both heating and air conditioning units. Terms such as AFUE rating, HSPF rating, SEER rating, Energy Star rating, and MERV rating are usually found on HVAC product descriptions, but […] Read More