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Creative Ways to Put the “Thanks” in Thanksgiving

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With Thanksgiving about a month away, it couldn’t be a more perfect time to pause and remind ourselves how lucky and thankful we are – for those we love and care about, and for the country we live in.  At Reliance we’re also thankful for the work we do to make our customers comfortable 365 days a year.


As we gear up for a long weekend with family and friends and maybe a little too much turkey, we thought it would be a great idea to offer up some creative ways to say thank you. Here are a few:


Send a note in the mail to a loved one. Snail mail isn’t as popular as it once was but there’s nothing quite like receiving a handwritten note from someone we care about and appreciate.


Pay it forward. Technology has undeniably made our lives better in so many ways but it’s also, ironically, disconnected us in little ways that make a difference. Acknowledge someone who crosses your path with a kind deed, like paying their parking meter, buying a coffee for the person behind you in line, or stopping and helping someone who looks a little lost.


Smile. We’re all busy or focused on our responsibilities and concerns. But every now and then, stop and give a sincere thank you, genuine smile or even a heartfelt hug and let someone know you truly appreciate them.


Volunteer. No matter how much or little we think we have, there’s always someone who needs our help. Volunteer some of your time or expertise to an organization you care about – you can always make a difference.


Share. Thanksgiving is a wonderful communal gathering time when we share a meal with those who mean the most to us.  But there’s no reason it needs to be the only time. Once a week or once a month, gather round with family and friends to share a special meal and memories.


Boston Pizza© is committed to helping Canadians spend quality time with those dear to us, whether it’s at one of their 380 locations across the country or in the comfort of our own homes. Reliance is proud to partner with Boston Pizza to provide our valued customers with a special gift:


So, this Thanksgiving and all year round, give thanks and share the love with those you appreciate the most!


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