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QuickTips Summer Series #7: Back to School eco-supplies

This is a big year for us: our 4 year old son is starting kindergarten and although I’m a little too old to remember my first day of school, I’m excited to live vicariously through him — and seeing how exciting this can be for a young child. Now back to school isn’t just about the excitement of a new school year – for many families this time of year means buying loads of new stuff and spending big bucks to make sure the kids are well equipped and looking good for their big day.

Put into perspective, the average Canadian spends almost $400 per child to get them ready to hit the books. But when you give it some thought, most of this spending is totally unnecessary. Yes, our kids may want to go back with the latest and greatest clothing, supplies and gadgets, but we can dramatically reduce our environmental impact and get a head start on this year’s learning by teaching them some valuable lessons about going back green.

Check out this week’s video for 5 quick tips to help reduce that back to school spend, keep your kids healthy and cut your carbon footprint. What are you doing to go green this school season? As always, we’d love to hear from you!

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