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  Every year, Reliance Home Comfort™ strives to provide the best service possible for our 1.7 million customers from coast to coast across Canada. But we don't stop there because we don't just work in your communities, we live in them too.   For two years now, we've proudly partnered with Habitat for Humanity©, a […] Read More


  Yes, it was another biting cold winter and, if you're like most Canadians, your furnace worked its share of overtime keeping your home warm and your family comfortable. But, while your thoughts may now be turning to the sunshine, beaches and cottage weekends just around the corner, it's important not to forget your furnace […] Read More


    Cracked skin. Irritated sinuses. A scratchy throat and itchy eyes. Dry air is a common source of discomfort at home, and can cause a variety of respiratory problems and increased allergy symptoms. While portable humidifiers may help keep individual rooms adjusted to the right humidity, a whole home option works best to keep […] Read More


  Spending your hard-earned money to repair or replace your furnace is one of the last things any of us wants to do. But, often, investing now can save you much more down the road. Before you make any decisions, however, find out how serious your furnace's problems are and whether you can get by […] Read More


Cleaning, trimming and tuning up: Here's your sure-fire autumn checklist While we long for summer while we're in the depths of winter, the truth is, for many of us, it's autumn that's our favourite season. Comfortable days, crisp evenings, technicolour foliage, Thanksgiving, Halloween… we can't get enough! Autumn though is also time to get ready […] Read More

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  Most homeowners know that there are dozens of different plumbing problems that can spring up around the house, sometimes without warning. Some of these problems are more common than others, and sometimes there’s a quick fix, while in other cases they require professional attention. As is the case with any potential problem around the […] Read More


                              While most home power outages are very short, some can last much longer – up to days and even weeks. Whether caused by inclement weather or an accident that interferes with the power line, a power outage can leave you […] Read More


  For many people, the holiday season can be a time of indulgence, which often leads to overspending on gifts and festive meals with family and friends. But the New Year brings with it the promise of a fresh start, and financially-themed promises are among the most popular resolutions made each year. One easy way […] Read More


It’s that time of the year again –cold and flu season! Make sure you're informed and protected with our helpful infographic:       […] Read More


  While most kids might argue otherwise, there’s more to Halloween than candy. Parents tend to spoil their children with sweets in October, but we all know that overloading on sugar obviously isn’t healthy. It’s important to find a balance, where kids can enjoy a fun and healthy Halloween without going overboard. Here are some […] Read More