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  Your home’s air vents and ducts play a key role in keeping it cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Some homeowners, however, aren’t aware that ducts and vents need regular care in order to function properly.  While duct cleaning is not recommended as a DIY project, it is important to have […] Read More


  Cozy up to the upcoming season by transitioning your home from summer to fall readiness. While most of us enjoy the warmer weather that summer brings, it’s autumn that wears the title of favourite season for many Canadians. That’s likely due to the feeling of comfort that comes with fall. It’s the cooler weather, […] Read More


  “Going green” has been a popular buzzword for the past couple of years, as businesses and households all over the world make changes to benefit the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. While living an eco-friendly lifestyle might sound like a massive undertaking, making gradual changes to your day-to-day routine can be quite simple, […] Read More


  Heat gain can be your air conditioner’s biggest nemesis during the summer months, when scorching temperatures are very common. The more heat that finds its way into your home, the harder you system has to work to remove it. This can potentially lead to an increased cost on your already-expensive monthly energy bill. We’ve […] Read More


    Home improvement is an ongoing process for most people. Whether your goal is to increase your family’s comfort in the short term, or to increase the resale value of your home in the long-term, there are ways to make upgrades that add energy-efficiency to your home and savings to your checkbook.   Here […] Read More


                        In the seemingly never-ending fight to save money on energy bills, homeowners often look to their heating and air conditioning for answers, without giving much thought to how efficiently they use hot water. As the second largest expense on an average monthly energy […] Read More


With the relentless rise of electricity prices showing no end in sight, many homeowners are becoming increasingly conscientious about their energy use. Identifying the “energy hogs” in your home is the first step, so use this guide as you set out to save money this summer!   1) Light that isn’t right One of the […] Read More


    Are you feeling the heat and you don’t have a working air conditioner? While living through the summer without air conditioning seems impossible it can be done. Try these simple tips to help you stay comfortable and cool when your AC cannot:   Avoid using appliances that give off heat like the oven, […] Read More


  When a thunderstorm hits, many people rely on myths that have been around for ages when deciding where to go for safety. If you’re outdoors during the storm, should you hide under a tree? Lie flat on the ground? Find shelter in your home or car? With 1,800 thunderstorms in progress at any given […] Read More


                              While most home power outages are very short, some can last much longer – up to days and even weeks. Whether caused by inclement weather or an accident that interferes with the power line, a power outage can leave you […] Read More

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