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Why Wildfires Underscore the Importance of Home Air Purification Systems3 min read

Sep 8, 2021 4 min

Why Wildfires Underscore the Importance of Home Air Purification Systems3 min read

Reading Time: 4 minutes

While the presence of wildfires during the summer months in Canada is nothing new, the growing scope of these environmental events is a cause of concern for many. Though these wildfires affect Canadians in a variety of ways, one of the primary discussion points in the summer of 2021 has been how wildfires affect air quality, both outdoors and indoors.

Considering how air quality concerns will be top-of-mind for many Canadians going forward, it’s important for builders to be aware of forecasts that can impact their builds such as increased consumer demand for indoor air quality equipment. Keep reading to learn more about the implications of forest fires in Canada and the importance of indoor air quality equipment in light of this.

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What Conditions Canada Has Experienced So Far This Fire Season

During the summer of 2021, Canadian forest fires came earlier and blazed with more intensity than years past. On July 20th, B.C. declared a provincial state of emergency due to the fires, and they continue to spread in the Yukon, Manitoba and Ontario. As of August 4th in Canada this year, there have been 5,407 uncontrolled forest fires in 2021 which is higher than the 10-year average (4,136). Amidst a changing climate, it is expected that Canada will continue to face record-breaking temperatures, stronger forest fires and prolonged periods of smoke exposure.

Defending the Home Against Smoke and Other Particulate Matter

The long-term health effects of extended smoke exposure are still being researched, but it has been tied to uncomfortable, irritating, short-term symptoms. Because smoke and other harmful particulate matter can travel on air currents and infiltrate the home quite easily, it’s important to add another layer of defence. Health Canada recommends properly sealing windows and doors, setting one’s HVAC system to recirculate air and installing a high-quality air filter, among other measures.
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What Can Home Builders Take Away From This? How can RelianceTM Help?

With a growing focus across Canada on climate change, extreme weather, and personal health; indoor air quality cannot be ignored. Builders and contracts managers can address this and future-proof their projects by including air purification systems in their new builds. Indoor air quality equipment can work as an added line of defence against unwanted air contaminants; home air purification systems such as Whole-Home HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) Filters can help circulate cleaner, fresher air in indoor spaces, helping homeowners breathe easier — both figuratively and literally.

The Reliance Builder Program provides builders and contracts managers with the home comfort equipment solutions they need for residential developments, big or small. In addition to helping them save thousands on capital costs, secure expert installation*, and reduce risk, it’s a partnership that can help builders future-proof their new builds and provide the home comfort equipment that home buyers care about — including air purification systems. Reliance offers a wide range of indoor air quality equipment that help make indoor environments more comfortable, including:

  • The Novaerus Protect 200 & The Novaerus Protect 900: Novaerus products use plasma coil technology that works to kill and deactivate airborne viruses and contaminants at the molecular level. They reduce airborne concentrations of bacteria, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and other contaminants as well.
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  • HRV & ERV: An HRV or ERV can supply clean, fresh air and recover energy from the exhaust air. Plus, ERV can provide better humidity level management that helps with improving indoor air quality.
  • HEPA Filters: A Whole-Home HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter can help filter airborne particulates that travel through your heating and cooling system. HEPA can work to remove particulate matter above .300 microns.
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  • UV Light Systems: UV lights mount over your central air coil and use ultraviolet light technology which could help to prevent mould and bacteria from multiplying on your coil.

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