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Keeping your heating costs down this winter doesn't have to involve a great deal of work or money. In most regions throughout Canada, heating during the cold months accounts for your home’s highest energy bills throughout the year, so anything you can do to lower these bills will leave more money in your pocket. Here […] Read More


Ceiling fans are great for keeping cool in the summer. But did you know that ceiling fans are also designed to keep you warm in the winter? This fact, which many people don’t know about or simply overlook, can keep your home more comfortable during the winter months and reduce your utilities bill. Ceiling fans […] Read More


Now that summer is over, it’s time to start thinking about and preparing for the cold weather ahead. There are a number of small things you can do around your home, each of which can make a big impact on increasing your home’s heating efficiency and reducing your overall heating costs.   October is an ideal […] Read More


Varying weather conditions in Ontario can really give your HVAC system a run for its money – literally. Summertime temperatures can reach uncomfortably high levels, especially when humidity is present, forcing homeowners to crank up the AC. By contrast, homeowners will crank up the heat in the winter when temperatures drop below freezing.  For many […] Read More


As we approach the end of summer, it's a good idea to give your air conditioning system some service, as it's been humming along for a few months and may need attention.   Most of these tips are things you can do to make your system more efficient and protect it from unnecessary wear and […] Read More


In Ontario and surrounding areas, this summer has been tremendously hot and most of the energy used by HVAC systems goes into cooling your home. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to use your air conditioner more efficiently and to decrease the amount of heat entering your home.  Increasing the efficiency of your air […] Read More


During our hot, humid Ontario summers, most of the energy used by HVAC systems goes into cooling your home. By implementing three simple steps, you can increase the efficiency of your air conditioner, which will ultimately save energy and extend the life of your cooling system. Here’s what to do: Avoid taxing your air conditioner: Wait […] Read More


Take Dinner Outdoors

Everyone loves a good BBQ and one of the best ways to keep your home cool during the summer months is to cook outside as much as you can. Not only is cooking outdoors fun but it is also a healthy way to add new flavours to your food. The best part, though, is that […] Read More


Summer has started and for many of us that means it’s time for a vacation. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the finances needed to fly around the world for breathtaking views, inspirational culture and worldly cuisine.  No need to worry, though, as you can find enough to fill decades of vacations right here, tucked away […] Read More


You've probably experienced this before. You’ve just sat down for dinner after a long day at work and the doorbell rings. Not too many people show up to your house unannounced, so you cautiously get up from the table and try to see who is at the door without them seeing you. You don't want […] Read More