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Looking for a boiler that offers uncompromising reliability, a wide range of features and makes way for a fast and easy installation? Rinnai M-Series boilers are designed to keep your installers moving quickly and customers happy.


Here are top features that make this next generation of condensing boilers a builder’s favourite:


  • Ease of installation:
    The first thing you’ll notice is how fast and easy it is to install a Rinnai M-Series boiler. Its compact and lightweight design is ideal for easy transport and its two-inch venting – vs. three-inch in prior models – makes it simpler and less costly to install.


  • More options:
    The M-series also offers a variety of heat only, combination heat and domestic hot water options with air handlers or in floor heating, making it a breeze to choose the unit that best fits your needs.


  • Less space:

Similar in size to tankless water heaters, these boilers can easily be hung on your walls – saving lots of space.


  • Efficient Heating:

More heat transfer for better domestic hot water performance, a modulating pump that improves comfort & saves you customer money, more heat output with 95+% AFUE


Click here to learn more about Rinnai boilers or visit our website, reliancehomecomfort.com, to learn about Reliance’s builder program and support.

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