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Water Heater T’s & C’s: How Reliance™ Has Your Back

T&Cs Blog June 2018


A recent media story about new homebuyers experience with one of our competitor’s water heater rentals likely raised a lot questions from your potential customers about agreements and their rental options.


Reliance has led the way for years with transparent and flexible rental agreement terms and conditions. If your homebuyers are asking, here’s some helpful information you can let them know:


  • The equipment selected jointly by Reliance and builders is driven by requirements in the building code, the size and style of the home, green choices and what will achieve the best performance possible.
  • The builder purchase and sale agreement clearly outlines that new homebuyers are entering into a rental arrangement for specified equipment.
  • Our rental equipment terms and conditions are specific to the regions where our customers live and the category of products rented – and we provide terms and conditions to both buyers and builders.


Finally, we offer the flexibility of both non-term and term rentals:


  • In non-term rental agreements, customers agree to rent month to month and can cancel at any time with fees ranging from $0 to $200 based on the age of the equipment. Customers have the option to buy out at any time, taking depreciation, hardware and installation costs into consideration, with a markup similar to any retailer.


  • In our term rental agreements, customers agree to rent for an 84-month term.


  • If a customer chooses to cancel, other minor charges may apply like $125 for the equipment disconnect fee. And customers have the option to buy out at any time with depreciation, hardware and installation costs factored in.


To learn more about our water heater rental terms and conditions or for help with homebuyer questions, click here to contact your Key Account Manager.


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