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Ready for the holidays? Here’s how to make sure2 min read

24 October 2017 2 min read

Ready for the holidays? Here’s how to make sure2 min read

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With holiday shopping already underway – and in full swing after Black Friday – the joy of the season may be outweighed only by the stresses that come with it. For every social gathering and celebration, there can be days and hours to get it all right – the meals, the decorations and, of course, the gifts.


At Reliance, we’re always doing our best to make sure you and your home are comfortable, especially during the busy holiday season. So, we’ve compiled a short list of tips and ideas to help you with your holiday gift giving.


It’s more than the thought that counts. If you’re stumped about what to buy a loved one or friend, why not ask them? They may already have something in mind and, while it may seem awkward at first to ask, it sure beats getting something they really don’t want.


Social snooping. If you really want to surprise them, check their social media accounts – Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook – and see if they’ve posted about any cool gift ideas. Even if they haven’t, topics they might post about – like travel – can give you some great ideas for gifts.


Stay on budget – for time and money. The holidays can eat up a lot of time and hard-earned dollars. Make a gift list beforehand and try to keep to it. And try to plan where you’re going to shop ahead of time – if you can do most of your shopping at one or two locations, or better yet online, all the better.


Gift trend alert: the smart home. A host of powerful new mini-appliances for the home aren’t just cool – they make our homes more efficient and more comfortable. Check out Reliance’s smart learning thermostats from Ecobee and Nest, which allow you to monitor your home’s temperature from either your computer or smartphone. These smart home devices help keep homes comfortable all year round.


Have a safe and joyous holiday season!



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