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6 ways to keep your tree lush and healthy all season long2 min read

24 October 2017 2 min read

6 ways to keep your tree lush and healthy all season long2 min read

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Clear star-lit nights. Crisp air. And the sweet unmistakable pine perfume of Christmas trees. The holiday season is here.


That wonderful wintery scent can be short-lived if your tree isn’t properly taken care of. We searched far and wide for the best ways to keep your tree lush and healthy – here’s what we discovered:


  • Harvest your own. If you can, cut your tree from a local, sustainable tree farm. This also cuts down on shipping and long-distance transport.
  • Pre-cut. If there’s no tree farm nearby, ask the nursery where you purchased the tree how recently it was harvested. You’ll also want to inspect the needles – make sure they’re flexible, not dry or brittle.
  • Cut again. Once you’ve chosen your tree, make a cut to remove about an inch from the bottom. This is because sap covers the base once it’s cut, which can make it more difficult for the tree to absorb water. A fresh cut will make it easier to water once you get the tree home.
  • Water daily. In your living room, or wherever you plan on setting up the tree, quickly set it in its stand or a bucket of water. Never let the base of the tree dry out. And remember, you’ll likely need to water the tree every day – a rule of thumb: a tree absorbs 0.95 litres of water for every inch of its diameter. In other words, a tree with a 4-inch diameter will need about 3.8 litres of water a day.
  • Protection from the elements. You’ll want to keep your tree away from direct sunlight, heaters or fans – these tend to dry it out. Lowering the room temperature extends the life of the tree so consider our smart learning thermostats from Ecobee and Nest to help you conveniently monitor the temperature of your home right from your smartphone or computer.
  • Humidity. A humidifier is a smart way to keep the air around the tree moist and its needles fresher for longer. It also reduces fire risk. Humidifiers – particularly whole-house humidifiers installed with your HVAC system – can also help ease respiratory infections, reduce skin irritations, help protect your furniture and help save energy by keeping your thermostat at lower levels. Reliance’s knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may have about how whole-house humidifiers work – contact us anytime.


DID YOU KNOW? In Russia and other cultures around the world, the Christmas tree is less associated with Christmas and more with a celebration of New Year’s – even more reason to keep your tree healthy into the new year!


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