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Pure Water Is Healthier Water – How’s Yours?2 min read

7 August 2017 2 min read

Pure Water Is Healthier Water – How’s Yours?2 min read

Reading Time: 2 minutesShot of a little girl drinking water directly from the kitchen tap at home


We take fresh, clean water in our home for granted but we shouldn’t. After all, water isn’t just necessary for our health and survival, we use it in so many aspects of daily life, like showering, washing our clothes and cars, and food preparation.


In fact, each of us uses an average of about 75 gallons (300 litres) of water a day, so it makes sense to ensure its quality is top notch.


Water filtering systems offer efficient and cost-saving ways to deliver the water we need, while removing toxins and other chemicals we don’t want – like chlorine, lead, arsenic, pesticides and detergents – which can impact the taste and odour of our water or affect the good microbes that aid in digestion.


Filtered water doesn’t just help us be healthier on the inside, it can offer amazing benefits on the outside too, including:


  • Shinier and softer hair – thanks to the removal of chlorine, which dulls and dries out hair
  • Softer skin – while chlorinated water can strip your skin of natural oils, showering with filtered water could help it stay smoother and softer.


Plus, water filtration can save money and the environment by reducing the number of plastic water bottles clogging our landfills and oceans.


There are a variety of water filtering systems designed to improve water quality. Some of these include:


  • Reverse Osmosis systems: These under-the-sink systems demineralize water in the kitchen, purifying it and removing unwanted contaminants so it’s better to drink and to rinse fresh foods for cooking.
  • Whole Home chlorine filters: Installed right at your home’s water source, these filters remove chlorine from water used throughout your home, providing water free of chlorine odour and taste for you to enjoy.
  • High-efficiency water softeners: you’re tired of soap scum in your sinks and bathtubs, on your hands and hair, a water softener may be the answer you’re looking for.



Click here for helpful advice on a range of water filtration options for your home, as well as to book an in-home visit.  


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