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End of Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Furnace2 min read

7 March 2017 2 min read

End of Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Furnace2 min read

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Yes, it was another biting cold winter and, if you’re like most Canadians, your furnace worked its share of overtime keeping your home warm and your family comfortable. But, while your thoughts may now be turning to the sunshine, beaches and cottage weekends just around the corner, it’s important not to forget your furnace – it’ll need some tender loving care before you properly shut it down for the spring and summer months.


Here’s our end-of-winter furnace checklist:


Change the filter: Furnace filters play an important role when it comes to energy efficiency and cost savings. In fact, a new filter also keeps your air conditioner working smoothly, since your cooling system uses the same ductwork as your furnace and therefore relies on the same filters.


Clean dirt from the furnace area: Keep the area around your furnace system clean by sweeping or vacuuming out dust and debris, and make sure nothing blocks the registers to maintain unimpeded air flow.


Have your Furnace Inspected:   Many parts of you furnace can become worn, or dirty over time and may need to be cleaned or replaced.  Some of these items include belts,  pilot light, motor, bearings, heater exchange and the burner assembly, especially if the furnace is an older model.


The  end of the long heating season is the best time to think about how well your furnace performed over the course of the winter and whether you need repairs or even a replacement. Most well taken care of furnaces should last approximately 20 years, so having your system checked by a certified heating professional can be one the smartest decisions you make for your home’s safety and comfort.



Call us at 1-888-837-1451 today to schedule your furnace Maintenance and Inspection. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your home’s furnace and serving your home comfort needs.


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  1. Meera Pandit

    I would like to schedule a spring checkup on my furnace

    • admin

      Your timing is perfect! We are currently offering a $40 discount on our 12 Point Tune Up. To book yours today, click here or call us at 1-866-RELIANCE. Thank you!

  2. Cindy

    I would like a price on what it would cost to have a look at the furnace?

    • admin

      Thanks for your question, Cindy. Please click here for our tune up specials and we will gladly assist. You can also call us anytime at 1-866-Reliance. Thank you.

  3. james.holle@sympatico.ca

    Please give an estimate for your service

    • admin

      We are happy to help James. Please click here to learn about our current tune up offers or call us at 1-866-Reliance. Thank you.

  4. Evan Edwards

    Will discuss Humidifier, when i see technician.

  5. Ram and kamla Nambiar

    We have insurance on the furnace, air conditioner and etc.with you. We have never had service from you. We have learnt from our friends that the insurance like us, you service their furnace every year. They pay same ins amount like us. Would like to know whether we could get service this year after the winter season is over.

    • admin

      I am happy to help. Please click here to book your appointment or call us anytime at 1-866-Reliance.

  6. Dave Baldwin

    Any specials on furnace inspection/service?

    • admin

      Yes there are Dave. Click here to learn more about the specials on our 12 or 21 point inspections or call us anytime at 1-866-Reliance. Thanks for your comment!

  7. Janice Soley

    I would like an inspection done at my daughter's home please. I have the furnace protection plan for it.

  8. Jim White

    I read you article about the 4 things that need to be done before shutting furnace down for the summer, one is an inspection. I kind of laughed to myself, we joined the inspection/maintenance program awhile ago. I would have guessed a visit by your techs once or twice a year would be beneficial to you. It would be the proactive way of possibly avoiding major breakdowns of furnace, A/C, water heater which means most of the profit you make on these maintenance plans could be washed away. I'm not sure we have seen a tech yet. Anyway, we'll make sure area clean, filter changed and so on. Thanks.

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