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The Great Canadian Fall Home Tuneup!2 min read

4 October 2010 2 min read

The Great Canadian Fall Home Tuneup!2 min read

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Most people think that work around the home this fall equates to raking leaves, cleaning up the garden and breaking out the shovels or snow blower. But your list shouldn’t end there!
To be truly be prepared for a potentially long, harsh winter, there are a number of other far less obvious measures you’ll need to take to keep your home in tip-top shape inside and out.
In this week’s video episode, we’re launching our Fall Home Tuneup Test. It’s your opportunity to grade your preparedness for the change in seasons. We’ve identified 10 key items. To keep it simple, you just give yourself a passing or failing grade based on the number of the tips you complete. Getting a head start today and working through it task by task is a great way to prepare yourself!
Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge to ensure that you are ready for the expected as well as any surprises thrown your way. Completing all these steps and knowing with confidence that you can answer ‘YES!’ to all of the Tuneup Test questions is guaranteed to save you time, energy and money, and keep your family home protected in the upcoming season!
Fall Tune-Up Checklist:

  1. Furnace inspection booked
  2. Furnace filter changed
  3. Humidifier filter changed and turned on
  4. Doors & windows sealed
  5. Gutters cleared
  6. Roof cracks sealed/Damaged shingles replaced
  7. External water taps turned off – hoses drained
  8. Water Pipes insulated
  9. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors installed and tested
  10. Programmable thermostat installed

In the upcoming weeks, we will be following up with more tips and tools to help you tackle the items on this list…and truly get a passing grade!
Have we left anything out? Please feel free to provide us with other ideas to share with our community regarding your steps in preparing for what Mother Nature has in store in the coming months! We’d love to hear from you.

  1. Elizabeth Vlug

    Some great tips. I did pretty well. Thanks for the info.

    • Rich Massingham

      Glad you did well. We'll be following up with some additional tips and advice in the coming weeks - always lots to prepare for as winter approaches! Thanks for sharing Elizabeth.

  2. bet365 italia

    Good day!This was a really splendid Topics! I come from roma, I was fortunate to search your blog in yahoo Also I learn much in your Topics really thanks very much i will come later

    • Rich Massingham

      Thanks bet365! Glad we could help. We've got new tips each day, hope you come back to visit us soon. All the best!

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