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Save electricity = save money1 min read

19 February 2010 < 1 min read

Save electricity = save money1 min read

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Well, our home is now officially part of Ontario’s Time-of-Use program. Heard about it? It’s being implemented throughout the province and if you’re not participating in it yet, you probably soon will be, as more municipal utility companies make the switch.
I received notification by mail and then was surprised to see a new digital smart meter had been installed on the side of our home. I wonder when that happened? So how do smart meters and Time-of-Use Rates impact you?
Quite simply, Time-Of-Use is the new cost structure being implemented to assist in smoothing periods of peak electricity demand….you know the times of day when most people turn up the heat, fire up the stove, flick on the lights etc. We especially hear about peak time demand during summer afternoons when many people crank their air conditioning and dishwashers.
When you get a smart meter, the price that you pay for electricity will be dictated by the time at which you use it, and if you work to take advantage of this new system, the savings can be significant. Check out this week’s video above to learn more about how you can reduce your electricity costs by more than 50% using Time-of-Use wisely. And as always, we’d love to hear from you so leave your comments about how you are making the most of this change.

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