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winter preparation

  For Canadians, air conditioning is usually an afterthought by this time of year, unless you’ve escaped to a warmer destination. But in order for your unit to function properly next spring and summer, it needs to survive the harsh winter elements first, which brings up the question of whether or not it should be […] Read More


Keeping your home comfortable during the winter months can be an expensive task if you don’t make the proper preparations before the worst of the weather hits. The following tips can help get your home ready for winter and reduce home heating costs and energy usage.   Have your HVAC system serviced: Make an appointment […] Read More


The cold winter months are approaching, so now is the time to check your home insulation and be sure you’re prepared for the dropping temperatures. Proper insulation will help your home operate more energy efficiently and help relieve strain on your furnace. A professional energy evaluation can identify exactly where you need better insulation.   For […] Read More


The winter weather predictions are in and although the consensus is that this winter will be milder than the Ontario average, which includes periods of -30°C, it may not be anything like the snowless winter we had last year. As the snow begins to sweep through the province – likely later this month – it […] Read More