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Is an on demand water heater a good idea for your cottage?   You’ve probably been hearing a lot about tankless or on demand water heaters lately. They’ve been touted as one of the best new options available to homeowners in a very long time. But what about cottagers? If you’ve been wondering if an […] Read More


Is Water Heater Rental Right for You?   If your water heater has been giving you the cold shoulder, then you’re probably thinking about replacing it.  The question is, do you buy a new water heater or should you rent? You might be surprised to learn that this is one of the areas where renting […] Read More


The prevalence of door-to-door water heater sales is causing great concern among Canadian residents. With clipboard in hand, these “inspectors” show up unannounced, requesting to enter your home in order to assess the condition of your water heater. While some inspectors might work for legitimate companies, in some cases you need to protect yourself, your […] Read More


A tankless hot water heater is an innovative and efficient home appliance that can replace your traditional storage tank water heater. The principle behind a tankless water heater is quite simple: it no longer requires the use of a storage tank to keep the water hot, but it instead warms the water as it passes […] Read More


If you own a conventional storage tank type hot water heater, you might have already learned the hard way that this equipment is one of the largest energy consumers in your home, which accounts for up to 14% to 18% of your total energy costs. This is due to the process called “standby heat loss” […] Read More


Finding the best water heater for your family's hot water needs requires some research. If this is your first time, then the matter is complicated by the range of options available today. There are storage type water heaters, tank-less water heaters, heat pump water heaters and solar water heaters. Each of these has several variations […] Read More


There are different types of hot water heating systems that serve millions of people around the globe. Water heaters are classified in different categories depending on the fuel they use and on the functioning mechanism. There are gas as well as electric hot water heating systems, and each of them can be divided into two […] Read More


Hot water is an essential component of every household. Choosing between the different types of water heaters depends on your consumption volume and availability of different sources of energy. Approximately 15 percent of energy costs can be attributed to water heating in some Ontario homes, largely due to the freezing climate. For households looking to […] Read More


You've probably experienced this before. You’ve just sat down for dinner after a long day at work and the doorbell rings. Not too many people show up to your house unannounced, so you cautiously get up from the table and try to see who is at the door without them seeing you. You don't want […] Read More