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After over two weeks, and the sharing of a bunch of great prizes......this is it! Thanks to all who registered and participated in the contest, it's been a great success and we sincerely thank you. If you're wondering, the giving continues in the New Year. Stay tuned for details on more great contests beginning in […] Read More


Summertime is party time! This is the time of year when most of us are juggling schedules, trying to accommodate all the requests for birthdays, barbeques and other festive events. But next time you either entertain or attend any of these events, take some time to consider the environmental impacts that each has. Going green […] Read More


Early last summer, the family and I were looking for a new and exciting daytrip. My son threw this one out....“Daddy, can we go to a farm?” What a great idea! I jumped online, checked out what options were available close to home and we ventured out the door. The short 20 minute trip to […] Read More