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back to school

September has arrived and with it a reminder that summer is almost over for another year. For some people, this means a return to the everyday grind. The kids go back to school, our yearly vacations are over and the weekend trips to the beach are but a memory.  Here’s how you can get into […] Read More


It’s hard to believe that summer is nearing its end. For many parents, this time of year is about getting children organized and prepared to go back-to-school. While returning to school can be an exciting time for the entire family, it doesn’t come without a little bit of stress and anxiety. To help ease the […] Read More


As the old adage goes – there is nothing like a well balanced, nutritious breakfast to start your day! But for many Canadian families, this just isn’t the case. From processed and fried foods to sugary cereals, many children start their day off on the wrong foot and quickly find themselves crashing by mid-morning. Do […] Read More