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air conditioner maintenance

While air conditioner repair may seem easy, and watching an air conditioner technician perform one or two annual maintenance checks may seem like all the education you need, there are some serious reasons why performing air conditioner maintenance is best left to professionals who spend their lives mastering these systems. If this basic idea, or […] Read More


  For Canadians, air conditioning is usually an afterthought by this time of year, unless you’ve escaped to a warmer destination. But in order for your unit to function properly next spring and summer, it needs to survive the harsh winter elements first, which brings up the question of whether or not it should be […] Read More


  When the season turns from winter to spring and the weather begins to heat up, homeowners rely on their air conditioning unit to keep them cool and comfortable. These units need to work hard to do so, and in the process can suffer wear and tear that could potentially lessen their lifespan and increase […] Read More


  With the temperatures rising and the flowers blooming, now is the time to start thinking about maintenance for your air conditioning system. Although the outside temperature can often be just right during this time of year, having your unit maintained in advance of the summer months is the best way to make sure that […] Read More


  While the turning of the season is surely welcome news to many Canadian homeowners, it’s also the time of year make sure your HVAC system is prepared to switch over to cooling mode for the coming months. Adding several small HVAC maintenance items to your spring cleaning list can go a long way to […] Read More


  While it’s often said that dirt is cheap, homeowners that don’t properly maintain their air conditioning system’s condenser coil might know otherwise. Condenser coils are one of the main components of your HVAC system. Your AC unit’s condenser coil is used to release the heat created by your compressor outside, so that the refrigerant […] Read More


  There is no better way to extend the life of your air conditioner than to schedule an annual tune up. That’s because having your system maintained by a qualified professional will help reduce wear and tear, alert you to any possible issues and will also ensure its efficiency …and an efficient air conditioner can […] Read More


Air conditioners serve us well throughout the entire hot season and we often forget to appreciate their value once those hot summer days are gone. An important part of our indoor air quality and comfort, your air conditioner needs to be properly attended and repaired in order to efficiently deliver cool air next year as […] Read More


Spring is here and that means it’s time to schedule A/C maintenance before you need to turn your air conditioner on. A comprehensive air conditioning tuneup by a qualified air conditioner technician will benefit you in three major ways. It will: Extend the operating life of your air conditioner. Ensure your system operates efficiently all […] Read More