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We are in the midst of a kitchen renovation (long overdue - I think the wallpaper is older than I am) and this week’s comfort episode focuses on maintaining good indoor air quality during a project like this one. We went into this fully aware that it was going to be disruptive and messy but […] Read More


This week’s episode takes us on the road to Guelph, Ontario to participate in a wonderful announcement in partnership with the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario. In support of the Restart A Heart, A Life Program and the Chase McEchern Tribute Fund, Reliance Home Comfort was thrilled to be a part of this initiative […] Read More


Making earth on Earth Day

I have always been very diligent when dealing with separating household waste. I’m the guy picking through the cans separating paper from plastic and disposing of it responsibly. Until a few years ago, the same could not be said for my separation and disposal of organic waste. We were not composting in our previous residence […] Read More


Make it a staycation!

If you’re like me and working to take every step you can to save money while doing your part for the environment, take a few minutes to think about this year’s summer holiday plans and you’ll soon realize that it’s easy to 'go' green.  Consider a staycation – a vacation either at or close to […] Read More


Fire Safety 101

I’m not sure about you, but when it comes to safety in the home, I have no greater fear than the fear of fire. As parents of two small children, my wife and I are constantly on the hunt for potential hazards that we keep out of reach of these two young “explorers”. We’ve stopped […] Read More

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Spring Home Tune Up

Call me a little crazy but I just broke out all my patio furniture after our first few days of 20 degree plus temperatures (record breaking by the way!). It may seem a little ambitious knowing that we're still likely to see some traces of snow, but the reality is...Spring is here! Now most Spring […] Read More


“Earth Hour is a great way to show global support for action on climate change but just as important are the changes we each make in our own lives. WWF hopes people will use Earth Hour to think about the changes they can make every day to help make a difference.” Gerald Butts, President & CEO, […] Read More


Are you a supersaver?

I’ve spent quite a bit of time on twitter over the past few months seeking tips, articles and info on how to do what you can for your home, your family and the environment – and I must admit,  it’s been pretty rewarding. The objective is to share the discovered wealth with our online community […] Read More


I must admit that this week’s episode was a real eye opener for me. As a father of two young children, I do whatever I can to protect and help them lead a healthy lifestyle. But I must admit, there is something that I have taken for granted: the quality of the air inside my […] Read More


A not-so-dry winter

Well we’re not quite out of the woods yet kids….a few more months of these cool temperatures and unpredictable weather are certainly in the cards. The furnace is still on, not much fresh air flowing through the home and…..excuse me while I apply some more lip balm. You too? Not surprising, each winter most of […] Read More