QuickTips Summer Series #1: Air Quality

July 19, 2010

I know I’m not alone here but I absolutely LOVE summer! The one thing that I’m not fond of when it comes to the hot, humid and hazy days is the impact that this weather has on air quality. If you live in a large urban area then you certainly know and have seen the […]

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Are your pets ready for summer?

July 9, 2010

Most of us are thrilled to welcome the long, sunny days of summer but after dealing with day after day of record setting heat, high humidity and poor air quality – those pleasant days can quickly turn into days that are hot, uncomfortable and downright dangerous. Especially for your pets. Animals just aren’t equipped to deal […]

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Play it safe in the pool

July 3, 2010

Summer is officially here! For many of us, that means the ceremonial trip to the pool, beach or cottage for some fun, sun and the odd dip to cool off. But for many, these fun filled days end in tears. Water related injuries and deaths impact thousands of Canadian families each year and in most […]

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Can you be a greener parent?

June 27, 2010

This week’s Green Living Episode touches on what is truly most important to me:  family. If you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews then you understand the joy, happiness and new perspectives that they bring to your lives each day. Which begs the question…what steps are you taking to give back and what role are you playing to ensure that […]

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Renovate responsibly – and save

June 18, 2010

We started our kitchen renovation project with one objective in mind – we wanted to turn the main floor of our home into a modern open concept design. As is the case in most homes, the kitchen is one of the main hubs of activity and our kitchen was certainly no exception. It goes without […]

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Cool tips for a cooler summer

June 11, 2010

We’re only a few weeks away from the official start of summer but we’ve already had a number of days when record temps have been shattered. Extreme heat alerts in May are usually a good indicator that we’re in for a long, hot, sticky summer but before you quickly flip on the air conditioning; let’s […]

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Will you pin it for the planet?

June 4, 2010

I’ll be the first to admit that pinning my car key to my shirt felt a little odd at first (the fact that it took two attempts and a Band-Aid made even more of an “impression”). But I was thrilled to do my part to support Pin It For The Planet, a campaign launched this […]

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Safe from poison

May 31, 2010

“Get that out of your mouth!” If you’re a parent, I’ll bet you’ve only said this about 10,000 times to your child before the age of 5. I certainly have — but it isn’t always harmless objects that they reach for at every opportunity. Children have that adventurous tendency to explore the home and put […]

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How green is your grass?

May 21, 2010

Spring has certainly sprung – I can tell by the colour of my thumbs! This week’s Green Living episode is all about how to green your lawn and garden organically this season, and in year’s to come. Previously, many of us relied on harsh chemicals to keep your lawn and garden green, lush and pest-free. […]

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Carbon Monoxide – are you at risk?

May 14, 2010

The protection of your family, your home and your valuables should always be top of mind, but there is a silent, invisible killer that does not get the attention it deserves – carbon monoxide. This tasteless, odourless gas is responsible for numerous deaths in Canada each year and sadly, people just aren’t getting the message […]

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