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For many homeowners, the cost of heating and cooling can account for up to 40 percent of their energy costs. Rising energy costs have made it imperative to keep energy use to a minimum. A programmable thermostat is one way to do this. When programmed properly, these smart thermostats can cut your energy costs a […] Read More


Maintaining your HVAC system is important to its longevity. Repairs and replacements are costly. Having a professional perform annual service checks on your HVAC gets you ready for the upcoming season and assures your home will have heat now and cool air as summer approaches. There are many reasons to have this tune-up and several […] Read More


There are many things we here at Reliance have learned over the years, especially when it comes to taking care of and maintaining furnaces. This month, we want to share our tips for what should and should not be done with your furnace and furnace room. Customer safety and education is of the utmost importance […] Read More


Keeping your heating costs down this winter doesn't have to involve a great deal of work or money. In most regions throughout Canada, heating during the cold months accounts for your home’s highest energy bills throughout the year, so anything you can do to lower these bills will leave more money in your pocket. Here […] Read More


Ceiling fans are great for keeping cool in the summer. But did you know that ceiling fans are also designed to keep you warm in the winter? This fact, which many people don’t know about or simply overlook, can keep your home more comfortable during the winter months and reduce your utilities bill. Ceiling fans […] Read More


When buying a new furnace, price is an important factor but so is energy efficiency. Greater efficiency means lower energy use and lower energy costs. Fortunately, furnaces have an AFUE rating, allowing you to compare different models’ energy efficiency.  AFUE stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency. To evaluate the energy use of furnaces or boilers, […] Read More

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Varying weather conditions in Ontario can really give your HVAC system a run for its money – literally. Summertime temperatures can reach uncomfortably high levels, especially when humidity is present, forcing homeowners to crank up the AC. By contrast, homeowners will crank up the heat in the winter when temperatures drop below freezing.  For many […] Read More


In Ontario and surrounding areas, this summer has been tremendously hot and most of the energy used by HVAC systems goes into cooling your home. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to use your air conditioner more efficiently and to decrease the amount of heat entering your home.  Increasing the efficiency of your air […] Read More


Reliance received special recognition from the Durham Region Home Builders’ Association (DRHBA) at its recent Awards of Excellence event on April 26th in Oshawa. Reliance’s Jennifer Hurd was also recognized as Outstanding Tradesperson of the Year. “The Awards of Excellence is the pinnacle event of the year, honouring our most creative and talented builders, renovators, […] Read More


If your house is anything like most people’s houses, it gets hot during the day and cold during the night at the end of spring and into the beginning of summer. Most homeowners struggle with getting the temperature just right. Learn how to finally crack the code and make your house more comfortable during this […] Read More