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Welcome to the Reliance Home Comfort blog!

We’re one of Canada’s largest and most innovative home comfort companies. We rent, sell, install, maintain and service new furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, humidifiers, air cleaners and security systems to over 1.4 million customers across Canada. We’re committed to providing friendly advice from experts who care. But enough about us!

Here’s what we believe:  A Reliance home is a more comfortable, safer, affordable and greener home.

Now, that may seem like a lofty ambition. But we’re aiming high.

We want to change the way most people think about the traditional ‘essential HVAC’ industry. We want to bring more peace of mind, inspire true innovation, and lead the market in customer satisfaction.

This blog is our humble beginning. It’s our way of sharing ideas and inspiration across four topics:

  • Home comfort: staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer are just two ways to make your home more comfortable. We’ll also be sharing insights about air quality, design, and other ways to make sure your home feels like home.
  • Home safety & security: we all want to feel secure in our homes, and there are many simple ways to increase peace of mind in and around our homes. Every week we’ll be sharing suggestions and tips.
  • Saving money: living more affordably is surprisingly easier than most Canadians imagine. We’ve found hundreds of ways to help every family save thousands of dollars a year, without feeling the pinch. And of course, we welcome your suggestions too!
  • Helping the environment: Living greener is simply the right thing to do. And these days, being green doesn’t necessarily mean living lean. There are many easy steps and quick fixes you can take to dramatically cut your carbon footprint and overall energy consumption. We’ll show you the most effective.

Ours is just one voice. We want to hear from you, too. We hope you’ll help us make this a thriving online community by subscribing to our weekly community email, commenting on our posts, and sharing these ideas with your own friends and family. Together, we really can make our homes, and our lives, more comfortable, safer, affordable and greener.

Let’s make change. Send us your thoughts here. We’re listening!