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Humidity Makes Your Home More Comfortable In Winter



If you’ve noticed your skin getting dry, cracked and flaky and you keep getting zapped with static shocks, it may be time for you get a humidifier.


Dry air can cause a lot of discomfort in your home and contribute to respiratory problems and allergy symptoms. And, with Canadians spending most of their time indoors in the winter, poor air quality can seriously impact your comfort.


Low humidity also makes your home feel colder so you’re more likely to turn up the heat and increase your heating bill.


Luckily a humidifier can help. Here are just some of the ways:


  • Better breathing: If you have a cold or flu, moist air can soothe your symptoms and reduce irritation to your nasal passages, throat and bronchial tubes. And even if you’re not sick, humidified air can help you breathe and sleep better.


  • Softer skin: Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you have to put up with chapped lips and tight, dry, itchy skin, particularly on your hands, which have fewer oil glands and which you tend to wash more frequently. A humidifier can be one of the best moisturizers around.


  • Longer-lasting furniture: Wood is particularly sensitive to reduced moisture, which can cause it to split and crack, leaving it potentially permanently damaged. A healthy level of humidity can help keep your furniture in good condition.


  • Less zapping: Nasty shocks from static electricity when you touch furniture or other people can be annoying and painful, and they’re worsened by dry air.


  • Healthier plants: Many indoor plants originated in humid, tropical climates and can have a rough time in our dry cool winter homes. If you’re noticing your plants’ leaves getting brown at the tips or even dying, your lack of green thumb may not be to blame – your home’s low humidity might be the culprit.


A Reliance Home Comfort Advisor can offer you advice, answer any questions and help you choose the humidifier that’s right for you, your home and your budget. Click here to book a call!

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