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A New Boiler Can Do More Than Heat Your Water This Winter

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With meteorologists predicting a “classic Canadian winter” heading our way over the coming weeks and months, the last thing any homeowner wants to face is a furnace or boiler breaking down.


If your home uses a boiler to heat radiators and baseboard heaters, schedule a free, in-home consultation from RelianceTM to determine if it’s time for a new high efficiency, ENERGY STAR® qualified boiler.


As energy costs continue to rise and with our growing concern for the environment, it can pay to upgrade as well as provide your home with an endless supply of hot water.


In fact, a new boiler won’t just provide you and your family with peace of mind on the coldest winter days. It can also take your home’s heating to a whole new level beyond traditional heaters and hot water– for example:


  • Radiant-style heating: Connect your new boiling system to decorative and efficient towel warmers, which heat and quickly dry your bathroom towels while they heat the room.
  • Toasty floors: Underfloor tubing can be laid under most finished floor materials and connected to your new boiler heating system to deliver “invisible” heat to your floors – no more cold feet as you walk through your home.
  • Clear your driveway: Just like underfloor tubing inside your home, you can automatically turn on and circulate heat to melt snow or ice at the entrances to your home – reducing shoveling and making it safer to walk after a snow or ice storm.
  • The spa treatment: If you have an indoor or outdoor pool or a hot tub, they can be heated with your boiler system too – while never mixing with pool or spa water.


These features come with added home renovation costs, of course, but with a new high-efficiency boiling system installed, creating your dream oasis can be one step closer.


Book your free, no-obligation consultation from a Reliance home heating specialist today or give us a call 24/7, 365 days a year with any questions you may have.


Enjoy a comfortable and warm holiday season!



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