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Sleepless In Summer: Here’s How to Get Comfortable

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Hot and humid days can be unpleasant, it’s true. But there’s one thing worse: hot and humid nights. The sweat. The stickiness. The restless sleep. It’s the dark side of an otherwise wonderful summer season.


Luckily, for most of us, an energy-efficient air conditioner that’s in good working order can make the hottest day or night a completely comfortable one.


Reliance offers a wide range of air conditioner models and top brands and our expert Home Comfort Advisors are happy to guide you through all your options.


Plus, until August 31, enjoy no monthly payments and no interest for 18 months on a select new air conditioner – and up to $400 in rebates. It’s a cool way to help you chill this summer and for many summers to come.


And what to do if you don’t have an air conditioner, or are waiting to get one installed? Here are some suggestions to help you stay comfortable on those endless hot summer nights:


  • Wear cotton: Silk and satin may be sexy to some but nothing beats cotton for breathability and comfort when the temperature refuses to drop at night.
  • Sheet freeze: You know that amazing feeling when your toes come into contact with your cool sheets under the covers? You can intensify that experience by placing your sheets into the freezer for a few minutes before bedtime. (Remember to put them in a plastic bag first!) You can also place a hot water bottle filled with cold water in the freezer and bring it to bed for icy relief.
  • Fan favourite: Install a ceiling fan or position a box fan at the edge or your bed. Remember to make sure the blades are running counter-clockwise


Thinking of banishing hot sticky nights forever with a new air conditioner? Contact a Reliance Home Comfort Advisor today!


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