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We Can’t Help it if We’re Polite. (Sorry.)

Man apologizing with flowers


While we Canadians were bumped from #1 to #2 as the world’s most reputable country behind Sweden last year in RepTrak‘s annual measure of 55 countries, we’ll still offer a gracious “thank you” because we’re nothing if we’re not polite.


According to “Stats Canada” (not affiliated with the actual Statistics Canada), the average Canadian says ‘sorry’ over 45,000 times a day – which, come to think of it, is probably not far off. After all, how many times have you found yourself saying “sorry” after someone bumps into you?


Take our friendly and polite Reliance Home Comfort™ Advisors – they always love hearing from you and they’re ready to take your call 24 hours a day. Or our technicians. We’d like to take all the credit for training them so well to be professional and knowledgeable, but the truth is they were already nice when they joined our team. So they take pride in fulfilling our commitment to professional service.  After all, who else do you know that literally brings their own red carpet with them to protect your floors and keep your home clean?


And if you needed proof, just check out Reliance’s™ high Star Score on HomeStars, including our average customer ratings based on thousands of reviews, like this one:


“Showed up as promised within 3 hrs of initial call. Tech Lucas wore booties to enter the house. Quickly diagnosed problem. Solved it and explained the solution.
Exemplary as expected. Quick and efficient.”


Being courteous is just part of who Reliance is because it’s who Canadians are. We believe you can never be too comfortable – or respectful. And, like you, we’re happy to wear our politeness as a badge of honour.


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