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Purchasing a new furnace? Here’s what to look for

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Furnaces tend to pick the worst part of winter to fail. That’s why with the harshness of Canadian winters, you don’t want to find yourself with an old furnace that simply can’t make it. If you are considering purchasing a new furnace before winter hits, here are some things to consider before making your final choice:


 Fuel type

Furnaces can run on electric, natural gas, oil, propane or newer, green options such as geothermal. When considering a new furnace, choose what works best for your home. Electric furnaces tend to be the least expensive, but you may prefer one of the alternative options.



You will want to figure out how efficiently your furnace will perform in the middle of the season. So a good rule of thumb is to determine how much more money a lower efficiency furnace is going to cost in the long run. If it takes at least ten years for the cost to reach the break-even point, a higher efficiency furnace, while costing more, could save you money over the long term.


Output capacity

While it may seem that the more BTUs a furnace puts out, the better it is for you, this is not the case. Before purchasing a new furnace, consider the size of the area you need heated. If you buy a furnace with a much higher output than you actually need, it will not operate as efficiently.  A trained Reliance Home Comfort™ Advisor can perform a load calculation on your home and tell you exactly what size furnace you require.


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