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A furnace check-up keeps your system running smoothly



Without annual preventive maintenance, your furnace could be exposed to more wear and tear. This could result in excess strain on your home heating system. Scheduling just this one appointment each year could help your furnace last longer and limit repair costs in the long run.



 What you can do

Before scheduling a fall inspection, you can help to ensure a well-functioning furnace by inspecting and replacing your furnace filter. If it’s dirty, clean or change it as necessary, since build-up puts extra strain on the heating system. Check your filters often and clean or replace them when needed.  Filter maintenance assists in ensuring not only optimal furnace performance but also optimal indoor air quality.



 Fall check-up benefits

Having your home heating system serviced at the beginning of each heating season provides a variety of benefits. These could include:

  • Ensuring your equipment is operating at its peak efficiency
  • Ensuring your equipment is not working harder than it has to, possibly extending its life.
  • Possibly catching a potential issue before it becomes a breakdown and costly repair.

Together, these benefits ensure greater home comfort, so that even during the coldest days in winter, your family will stay warm indoors.



The furnace check-up

When the technician arrives, you can expect them to perform the following tasks to help ensure your furnace’s optimal performance:

  • First, they will do a full inspection for problems and worn components.
  • Second, they should clean the entire system.
  • Finally, they will inspect related equipment, including ductwork, humidifiers, and air cleaners.

It’s a straightforward process, but one that’s essential to ensuring that your home heating system is ready for the coming heating season.


To schedule a 21 Point Inspection, contact us today. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your home’s furnace and serving your home comfort needs.


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