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3 Common Plumbing Leaks and How to Avoid Them

A dripping faucet


Trickling toilets. Dripping taps. Leaky household appliances. Water leaks in your home are all too common and can lead to needlessly high water bills as well as costly structural issues other possible damages if they’re not fixed right away.
Here are three of the most common water leaks and some helpful suggestions:


1. Faucets
From sinks to bathtubs to shower heads, every faucet has moving parts that see daily usage. These frequently used fixtures are susceptible to wear and tear over time especially if the seals are damaged. Change in pressure can also cause problems.
• Inspect under all sinks – leaky faucets sometimes leak down handles and directly to hoses or pipes.
• Check for leaks in your shower or bathtub – remember, a seemingly minor leak into your tub or shower could be a bigger problem behind the tiles or within the walls.
• Look for discoloration around fixtures, sinks or tiles that could be a sign of a leak.



2. Dishwashers
Your dishwasher uses a significant amount of water and its parts are under pressure throughout the cycle. If seals or hoses are not checked, water could leak onto or under your floor.
• Check under the sink – dishwashers are typically connected to your main drain, which makes it easy to inspect the hose for discolouration or dripping.
• Inspect the bottom of the unit – standing water can cause tiles to warp, water damage to cabinets or discolouration along with build-up of mold or mildew.



3. Toilets
Problems with toilet leaks are typically slow and difficult to notice but can unfortunately lead to massive failures and bigger problems. These more serious issues are usually associated with clogs and expensive repairs.
• Be sure you know where the shutoff valve is and that it’s not tightened or rusted closed. This will help you act quickly in the event of a clog or leak.
• If you do experience a clog, remove the lid from the tank and pull up the float or close the flapper. This will keep more water from flowing into the bowl and overflowing.


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