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Common Plumbing Problems Around the House



Most homeowners know that there are dozens of different plumbing problems that can spring up around the house, sometimes without warning. Some of these problems are more common than others, and sometimes there’s a quick fix, while in other cases they require professional attention. As is the case with any potential problem around the house, the more you know the better. Here are five of the most common plumbing problems you might run into:


  1. Dripping faucets

If you can hear your taps dripping, and turning the faucet off does nothing to stop it, you likely have a leaky faucet. While the constant dripping might be annoying enough to keep you up at night, the potential effect on your energy bill could cost you more than sleep! A single faucet can send hundreds of liters of water per year down the drain, and a leak of one drip per second can potentially cost as much as $1 per month.


  1. Running toilets

When you can hear the constant sound of water filling up the tank in your toilet even when it’s not in use, what you’re really hearing is your water bill going up. Many homeowners go months, if not years, without having this issue fixed or even looked at by a licensed plumber. What you need to know is that a running toilet is an internal water leak. Therefore, if you ignore the problem, it could increase your water bill due to the many liters of water being wasted daily.


  1. Clogged or slow draining sinks

A sink that’s fully blocked or draining slowly is a very common plumbing problem, but one that can become serious quickly if it’s not looked after. A drain is designed to allow water through, keeping larger items out. However, when this gets blocked the water has nowhere to go, clogging up the sink, bath or shower basin as a result. If the clogged drain is in the path of waste water, you might find yourself dealing with unhealthy conditions, while other blockages can simply be inconvenient. In any case, it’s best to call a professional to have your drains looked after at the first sign of a problem.


  1. Leaky pipes

Being that the kitchen is one of the most commonly used areas in the average house, it’s no surprise that it’s often the room with the most problems. Leaky pipes can be a more serious problem than a leaky faucet, because water that gets behind walls or into your home’s insulation can cause extensive damage. Most pipes will begin to leak near the joints, so keep an eye out for wet spots on the ground or ceiling. If you see or smell water where it shouldn’t be, call a plumber right away. Leaky pipes are often a precursor to bursting pipes. And the damage and flooding that can result from that issue are bound to be expensive.


  1. Low water pressure

Having low water pressure in your shower or faucets is another common plumbing problem that can be very frustrating. This situation can happen if your faucets or showerhead aerator screens need to be cleaned, if your showerhead needs to be changed altogether, if there’s a leak somewhere in your home, or if there’s corrosion inside your pipes. A licensed plumber will be able to find the source of the problem and determine the best solution.


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