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Central Air Conditioning 101

central air conditioner

Many Canadians have central air conditioning in their home, but not everyone understands how it works. Here’s a summary of how central air works and why some Canadians choose to install it in their homes.

How It Works

Unlike a standalone unit, such as a portable or window air conditioner, central air conditioning is a cooling system that runs throughout your home. The majority of central air conditioners use what’s known as a split system. A split system air conditioner has an outdoor component and an indoor cooling coil, normally located atop a home’s furnace.

Powered by electricity, a compressor propels refrigerant through the system to absorb indoor heat and moisture. The warm air from the home is blown over the cooled indoor coil. The coil absorbs the warm air, releasing it outside. The cool part of the air that remains is delivered into the home.

Why Some People Choose Central Air Conditioning

Canadians with central air conditioning choose it for one, or a few, of the following reasons. The main benefit is that it keeps indoor air cooler during warmer months, but beyond that, central air conditioners lower humidity levels and act as an air filter, purifying the particles inside your home while removing dust and lint. Another reason people choose central air over portable units is noise. Portable units can be very noisy and are usually kept indoors or attached to windows. Conversely, central units have the compressor outside, minimizing sound.

Another reason Canadians choose central air is for economic reasons. Homeowners who have central heating systems in place wisely opt for central heating systems. This way, the duct systems and electrical hookups serve a dual role, rather than a single one.

Unit Maintenance

By regularly changing the air filter, having an annual air conditioning inspection and accompanying air conditioning maintenance plan, homeowners can preserve and extend the life of their units. Reliance occasionally offers promotions for people who select furnace and air conditioner bundles and special rebates may be available depending on where you live.


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