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8 Unusual Ways to Save on A/C This Summer

unusual ways to save

Everyone likes to keep cool and comfortable when the temperatures soar. That said, the trick is to balance comfort with savings as there are costs associated with keeping your home at the perfect temperature. Aside from the most well-known ways to reduce air conditioning costs and stay cool, there are some other surprising methods you can employ to feel fresh during Canada’s steamiest months rather than turning your A/C on full blast.

1.Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling and standing fans are helpful as they help the cool air provided by your air conditioner to circulate throughout various rooms in the house.

2.Shut Off The Lights

Unlike compact fluorescent and LED lights, incandescent light bulbs can produce a lot of heat. Turning lights off when you leave a room or when it’s bright outside is a good thing to do for energy conservation anyway. In addition, it takes pressure off your cooling system.

3.Install Attic Insulation

Insulation acts as a barrier between the inside and outside of your home. As such, in the summertime, it helps to lock cold air in your home, as opposed to letting it seep through small openings in the ceiling.

4.Plant Tall Trees and Choose Their Placement Wisely

Planting deciduous trees near your home offers ongoing shade that can help lower your air conditioning costs. What’s more, they don’t leaf in the winter, allowing sunlight to continue to reach your windows.

5.Install Awnings

Similar to trees, an awning shades your home from sunlight, reducing the amount of energy your air conditioner needs to use to reach your desired home temperature. Every little bit counts!

6.Dampen A Shirt

If you want an easy way to stay extra cool, dampen a shirt under cool water and place it in the freezer for a few minutes. Once you put it on, you’ll feel instantly refreshed!

7.Close Basement Vents

The basement is normally the coolest part of the house anyway, so closing some of the vents that service that area is okay; the cold air will make it down there either way.

8.Find Your Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy of finding harmony with one’s environment. In this case, if there’s a piece of furniture obstructing the flow of the air conditioner air, it’s an ample opportunity to rearrange furniture in a whole new way you might actually prefer. Real Simple provides a few Feng Shui decorating tips to help you get inspired.


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