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6 Ways to Maximize Indoor Air Quality This Summer

Summer comes in bits and pieces, a hot day here, some dazzling sunlight there, until we finally stop wearing socks and trust that it’s here to stay! While opening the windows and soaking up a fresh breeze as it moves through the house is a nice feeling, it can impact indoor air quality. Here are six ways to improve your home’s air quality this season:


1.Keep Windows Closed in Some Cases

Letting warm outdoor air into your home may  increase the level of moisture indoors, providing a fertile environment for mold growth. If you’re concerned about the level of dampness in your home, our article provides some advice. To reduce the chances of mold development, keep windows closed on high ozone days. How do you know when ozone is high? Environment Canada has a real-time map of the ozone levels across Canada on any given day. They also provide a UV Index Forecast for each major Canadian city so you can get an idea of what the levels will be tomorrow or the day after. If it’s raining or it feels very humid outside, those are other times to keep your windows closed. The most common mold locales are basements, bathrooms, attics and crawl spaces.


Other ways of reducing mold include:


  • Repairing leaks immediately
  • Repairing cracked or broken grout and tiles in washrooms
  • Scanning plumbing pipes for droplets of water on the outside. If you find condensation, dry the pipe and surround it with foam insulation

For more information, check out our articles on how mold prevention improves air quality and how to prevent the growth of household mold


2.Replace Filters

The arrival of summer is a good reminder to replace your air conditioner filter. Most air filters are not overly expensive and replacing them is a very easy way to augment the air quality in your home this season. Our article on choosing an air filter provides helpful advice if you’re thinking of getting a new one.



Vacuuming reduces the amount of dust mites in your home, improving air quality and the home experience for visitors or family members.


4.Duct Investigation

Ducts can harbor mold, fungi, bacteria and dust so having your ducts checked out by a professional could be an important step in ensuring your home is as comfortable as possible.



Dehumidifiers help regulate the humidity levels in your home and are another way to reduce the chances of mold development. There are a range of options available and a fair amount are under $100.



Indoor air quality monitors are available that measure air quality and areas where air pollution is concentrated so you can be in the know.


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