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3 Reasons Why DIY Air Conditioner Repair is a Bad Idea

diy ac repair

While air conditioner repair may seem easy, and watching an air conditioner technician perform one or two annual maintenance checks may seem like all the education you need, there are some serious reasons why performing air conditioner maintenance is best left to professionals who spend their lives mastering these systems. If this basic idea, or the protests of your loved ones, doesn’t stop you from wanting to do it anyway, here are three reasons why doing your own air conditioner repair is a really bad idea:

1.Air Conditioning Systems are Complex

HVAC technicians require years of training and experience, and are required to continually train themselves so they can provide the best service and also protect themselves and you. This is common sense, but really, not everything you read or view online is true. There are oodles of DIY videos out there, but that doesn’t mean it’s the safest choice or that you’re able to do it safely after watching a few.

2.What You Might Save in Money, You’ll Lose in Time

Experts who work on air conditioners daily have mastered every nook and cranny of a multitude of units. If you’re trying to save on service charges, perhaps consider an annual protection plan. In addition, while you might think you’re saving yourself a few hundred dollars, the work might take you four hours, when a technician could do it in one. Your time could be better spent on something else. If you’re worried about finding a trustworthy air conditioner repairperson, check out our 7 steps to finding a reliable HVAC contractor. What’s more, if you do something wrong, you may cause the unit to malfunction, which could lead to the immediate problem of having no air conditioning on a very hot day and needing to book a service appointment right away or even worse, needing the entire unit to be replaced, which would cost far more than a service visit.

3. Tool Costs

The tools that one requires in order to do air conditioner maintenance are expensive and unique and therefore, cannot be found in your toolbox. The cost of purchasing these tools outweighs the costs of simply inviting an HVAC technician in to look at the unit.


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