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Ontario Gas Refunds to Improve Your Home, Go Greener and Save Money

For some people, we start our property journey renting homes, condos or apartments where utilities are included. In this case, the landlord includes the cost of heating and cooling in the cost of the rent. When you purchase your first home and in some rentals, utilities will not be included. This is your first foray into the world of hydro, gas and water bills. Naturally, your first inclination is to find ways to reduce these expenses. This article outlines 2016 rebates that can help achieve this objective.


What is a rebate?

A rebate is a certain amount of money given back to you after you pay for something, for example, your taxes, rent or utilities. You can also think of it as a partial refund. A refund is different from a discount because you pay up front, and get partially reimbursed afterwards, whereas with a discount, you save a certain amount at the till. The gas rebates below all ask that you invest in home upgrades to be eligible.

Rebates generally come in three forms: instant, mail-in or on-bill credit. For instant rebates, you would receive the rebate at the time of purchase and these rebates are generally available without further conditions to any purchaser of the product. On-bill credit or mail-in rebates are those that you would apply for after the purchase, and normally have to meet certain conditions in order to receive the rebate or on-bill credit.



Ontario Heating and Cooling Rebates

Enbridge® Smart Thermostats Program π


This new Enbridge program, which recently launched in April, offers a credit on your Enbridge account.  As a residential customer, you can receive a $100 bill credit by simply purchasing and installing a qualifying smart thermostat and applying for the credit before December 31, 2016.


To apply for your $100 Enbridge bill credit:

  1. You must have an active Enbridge Gas account in good standing and the primary heat source for the home must be natural gas
  2. Purchase and install one of the qualifying smart thermostats between April 15, 2016 and December 31, 2016.
  3. Apply for your bill credit online at SmartThermostats.ca before December 31, 2016
  4. You will receive a $100 bill credit applied to your Enbridge account within 6-8 weeks.

The qualifying thermostats are the ecobee3® Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat (Model #: EB-STATe3c-02) or the Nest® Learning Thermostat™ (Model #: T3007Ef).

Please note that Enbridge customers that reside in multi-residential buildings and condominiums are not eligible for the bill credit.



Enbridge Home Energy Conservation Program


This Enbridge program is available until November 31st, 2016, for people who:

  • Have an Enbridge Gas account in good standing;
  • Live in a detached home, townhouse or semi; and
  • Use natural gas to heat their home.


You can receive up to a $2,100 rebate that is made up of instant rebates and mail in rebates processed through the Enbridge approved Energy Auditor. The amount you receive depends on how much you save on your gas bills after you implement at least two of the nine recommended  list of upgrades and use an Enbridge Certified Energy Auditor for the pre and post audits which measures your savings and provides and energy rating. If you save 25%-49%, you could receive up to $1,600 and if you save 50% or more, you could receive up to $2,100.


The process is as follows:

  1. Check to see if you live in one of the qualifying communities here.
  2. Call one of Enbridge’s approved Certified Energy Auditors to see if you qualify, the phone numbers are halfway down on this page.
  3. If you qualify on the phone, a Pre-Retrofit Energy Audit will be scheduled, wherein your entire home’s insulation, heating, cooling and other base energy use will be collected, modeled, and calculated using a blower door test. Enbridge provides an instant rebate of $150 of the audit invoice, so the remaining cost is $200 plus HST. If you achieve 25% in gas savings, the entire audit cost is refunded back by Enbridge as it is incorporated within the final rebate cheque customers receive after the Enbridge approved Certified Energy Auditor submits the required information to process the rebate.
  4. The Energy Auditor will confirm what upgrades to do in order to save at least 25% in gas costs in order to receive the Enbridge rebates.
  5. To ensure whether you’ve achieved 25% gas savings, a Post-Retrofit Energy Audit is completed by the same Enbridge approved Certified Energy Auditor to calculate total gas savings after your upgrades.
  6. If you achieve 25% – 49% in gas savings, you can save $1,600 as follows:

a. $500 to cover the total energy audit costs; $150 instant rebate on pre-audit invoice and remaining $350 included in the final

b. $1,450 rebate cheque

If you achieve 50% or more in gas savings you you can save $2,100 as follow:

a. $500 to cover the total energy audit costs; $150 instant rebate on pre-audit invoice and remaining $350 included in the final

b. $1,950 rebate cheque.


Union Gas® Home Reno Rebate§


This Union Gas program is another utility mail-in rebate. It applies to people who:

  • Have a Union Gas account;
  • Live in a detached or semi-detached home or townhouse; and
  • Use natural gas to heat their home.

The maximum amount of money you could be refunded is $2,500§. The amount paid back to you is based on what kind of home improvement changes you make after the energy audit. The list of refund amounts and home improvement criteria is here under the tabs “What are the eligible Insulation/Sealing Rebates?” and “Are there any eligible Energy Star® Rebates?”.


The process is as follows:

  1. Call a Union Gas-approved Certified Energy Advisor, using the list under the tab “Find participating certified energy advisors?”
  2. Complete a pre-renovation energy assessment with an Energy Advisor.
  3. Review the assessment and renovation options with your Energy Advisor.
  4. Complete at least two of the eligible renovations with a reputable contractor. Union Gas recommends securing three quotes before choosing one.
  5. Call your Energy Advisor to complete a post-renovation assessment.
  6. The advisor will submit the paperwork to Union Gas who will mail your rebate cheque to you within 90 business days


SaveONenergyOM Heating and Cooling Program


You could receive up to a $650 rebate through this program and save up to $325 per year in energy costs. The amount you could receive is based on what kind of upgrade you choose to make. For example, if you replace your furnace with an eligible high-efficiency furnace, you could receive $250. You can find more eligibility details online.

This saveONenergy conservation program is available for people who:

  • Live in Ontario;
  • Have bought and installed an eligible heating or cooling unit through one of the approved contractors;
  • Installed eligible equipment in 2016; and
  • Have an oil, electric, natural gas or propane furnace.


The process is as follows:

  1. Select one of the vetted contractors using the saveONenergy search tool.
  2. Your HVAC contractor will fill out the incentive application for you.
  3. Review the filled-out application for errors, then submit it to the Independent Electricity System Operator, formerly known as the Ontario Power Authority.


Other Rebate Options

In addition to the rebates above, Union Gas offers a Home Weatherization Program and Enbridge offers a Home Winterproofing Program.


Reliance TM

™ “Reliance”, “Reliance Home Comfort”, “SmartAir”, “Rent and Relax” , “We’re not comfortable until you are.” and the Reliance Home Comfort logo are trademarks of Reliance Comfort Limited Partnership.


Energy Star

The ENERGY STAR mark is administered and promoted by Natural Resources Canada. Used with permission.



OM Official Mark adopted and used by the Independent Electricity System Operator

Available mail-in rebate is comprised of the saveONenergy rebate. Customer must qualify for the saveONenergy rebate independent of Reliance. See terms and conditions of the applicable rebate for further information visit saveonenergy.ca. Limited time offer.


Union Gas

®Union Gas name and logo are trademarks of Spectra Energy Corp.

§Limited time offer available to Union Gas residential customers in in the Union Gas franchise area. Must complete at least two upgrades. Maximum of 120 days between the first and second assessment allowed. Program expires December 31, 2016. Rebates available on first come, first served basis. Rebate payment subject to availability of funds. Union Gas reserves the right to revise program without advance notice including rebate amounts and eligibility. Homeowner responsible for ensuring rebate eligibility, choosing eligible certified energy advisors, keeping invoices and meeting criteria and deadlines. Maximum $2,500 rebate includes up to $500 for both energy assessments. You pay the HST on the cost of the assessments.



®Enbridge, the Enbridge Logo and the Enbridge Energy Spiral are trademarks or registered trademarks of Enbridge Inc. in Canada and other countries.

π If you entered the program because your furnace had to be replaced due to a no heat circumstance, this will be considered an exception. The audit can be done within 3 days, and this exception can only be made between November and March. If you have already completed your first audit, you have until November 30, 2016, to complete your final audit. If insulation or thermal work has already begun, customers are unable to qualify for the program. To qualify, you must contact one of the listed Enbridge pre-approved Certified Energy Auditors (CEAs) for your pre and post energy audit.

Only one enrolment for incentive per household is permitted. Program may be subject to change or cancellation without notice at any time.



®ECOBEE, the ECOBEE LOGO, and GREEN MADE EASY are registered trade-marks of ecobee inc.



® TM trademarks licensed by Nest Labs, Inc.


We’re not comfortable until you are™


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™ “Reliance Home Comfort”, “We’re not comfortable until you are.” and the Reliance Home Comfort logo are trademarks of Reliance Comfort Limited Partnership.

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