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Planning the Perfect Family Summer Holiday

Family Vacay


Everyone loves a family vacation. Whether you’re flying off to a tropical climate, or soaking up the sun without leaving town, the times spent with family in sunny summer months are some of the most memorable.


And while every member of the family is surely looking forward to a getaway, a fun-filled family vacation cannot materialize out of nowhere. The perfect summer holiday involves careful planning and preparation – the earlier you start, the better. That’s why now is the perfect time to begin planning your sunny holiday: use these tips to help make your dream family vacation a reality this summer.


Involve Everyone in the Brainstorming


When it comes to vacation planning, everyone has their preference, and sometimes it can seem as if there’s too many voices to please all. Involving everyone in brainstorming, however, is vital to planning a vacation that will satisfy the entire family.


Do the kids have their hearts set on Disneyland? Would you and your spouse prefer a family trip overseas to visit relatives across the pond? Or would you all rather spend a low-key summer soaking up local attractions or lounging on nearby beaches?


This step is the one in which you and your family sit down and let everyone’s voice be heard – from the littlest of the clan to the oldest – and then compromise, choosing an option that will satisfy most. Figure out where you want to go and what you want to do so that you can plan the rest of your trip accordingly.


Set Your Budget Carefully


One of the most important steps in your consummate family vacation planning process is setting your summer holiday budget.

Make sure to take everything into account when you’re creating your summer holiday budget: from the cost of transportation to accommodations, the entry price to attractions or events, as well as food and shopping, be sure to factor in all costs.

What’s more, it’s wise to set aside a “just in case” fund, so that you have some disposable income on hand in case plans change and extra budget is needed.


Begin Planning Early to Save Money


When you book your accommodation and transportation well in advance, you can save significantly: according to travel experts, it’s wise to book at least 45 days ahead of time to get the best deals on airfare and lodging.


The money you save on flights and accommodations can be used toward other aspects of your trip, like visiting that extra attraction or staying in that luxurious hotel for one more night.


Take Advantage of Technology


With the advent of technology comes myriad ways to organize our lives, making it that much easier to plan the perfect family summer vacation.


From websites to smartphone apps, take advantage of the many helpful tech options available. Use websites such as TripHobo and Tripomatic to create your travel itinerary, and apps such as TripIt and TripCase to help streamline and centralize all of your vacation planning documents.


Embrace Imperfection


One of the most important things to remember about planning any sort of vacation, especially with little ones, is that sometimes plans go awry – and that’s perfectly fine. The key to a perfect summer holiday is embracing the idea that the “perfect” holiday comes in many shapes and forms, whether or not it’s exactly as you’d envisioned or even the way a photo online might frame it.


Because at its core, the perfect family summer holiday is simply the one spent with your loved ones – whether it’s on an exotic beach or the local park.


Happy summer holiday planning!


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