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What Your Reliance™ Technician Checks During Furnace Maintenance



It’s easy to forget to have your furnace maintained when it’s working perfectly, but furnace maintenance should be considered an essential annual to-do. With the severity of our winters, Canadians should protect themselves against having a furnace failure on one of the coldest days of the year. To do so, it’s recommended that you have a technician perform a furnace maintenance check. In addition to knowing the questions to ask before selecting a HVAC technician and understanding the jargon they might use, here are the list of things you should expect a technician to do during furnace maintenance:


Pre-Inspection Preparation

In advance of the visit, it’s handy to have a spare furnace filter on hand so that if the technician checks the filter system and finds that the filter needs to be replaced, they’ll install the new filter for you on the spot.


Depending on the company you choose to work with, different maintenance packages might be available. Reliance™ offers 12 point and 21 point furnace tune-ups.


12 Point Tune-Up

The 12 point tune-up includes checking the thermostat settings and location and an inspection of the heat exchanger. If you have a primary and secondary heat exchanger, both will be checked. The technician will inspect the fan and lubricate if necessary as well as check the blower motor. The technician will also inspect the pilot burner and flame rod, cleaning them if needed. The safety controls will be inspected to ensure that your furnace is in good working order.


The heat rise will be checked and adjusted if needed. Importantly, the air inside the flue and atmosphere will be tested for carbon monoxide levels. Then, the technician will ensure the humidifier damper position is correct and the gas piping is up to code. Finally, the chimney or venting system will be assessed to ensure proper flow.


When you book a tune-up with Reliance, a complimentary in-home consultation and quote is included if you fill out the form on this page. A consultation can help you understand how well your heating system is working, whether the furnace’s size is appropriate for your home and keep you abreast of any rebates or promotions available.


21 Point Tune-up

In addition to all the facets of the 12 point tune-up, during the 21 point tune-up, the technician will clean the burners, blower and secondary heat exchanger, as needed. In addition, they’ll check the condensate pump and lines and clean them if required. The firing rate and system airflow will be reviewed as well as the electrical connections. Any loose or dirty connections will be tightened and cleaned. They’ll show you where the system switch, or breaker, is located and will perform a camera inspection.


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