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Plumbing Myths That Can Cost You Money



Plumbing is one of the trickiest parts of home ownership. A lot of the time, the problem isn’t visible, so you can only guess what it might be. Partly for this reason, there are many unfounded plumbing remedies out there that could actually hurt you financially. Here, we debunk some of the most common plumbing myths to potentially save you money:


Anything’s Flushable Quite simply, anything that doesn’t have the word toilet in it shouldn’t go in the toilet. Paper towels, feminine hygiene products and makeup should all be thrown in the garbage or a green bin, if you have one.


A Plunger Is All You Need Plungers are a helpful tool for some clogs, but in some cases, plungers can actually push an obstruction further down the pipe. Add a claw tool to your washroom collection to remove bulkier objects that may have accidently fallen in.


Drain Cleaner Is the Best Solution While many people think that drain cleaners are the best remedy for a clogged shower or sink, the reality is that the product’s chemicals can be quite damaging to the pipe.


A Little Grease Is Okay Grease is to pipes what plaque is to teeth. While imperceptible at first, slowly, over time, it builds up to become a bigger problem that could have been avoided. Folks often pour grease down the drain, convincing themselves that as long as it flows, it can go. Or they pour grease alongside boiling water in the hopes that the water will dilute the grease enough to slide down the drain smoothly. Grease belongs in your organic or green bin, not the sink. Keep a tin can to collect smaller amounts and then dispose of it all at once if you find that easier than scrounging up the organic bin.


Plumbers Are for Retroactive Work Only Plumbers can be a proactive thing to employ, as they can provide preventive maintenance. Unexpected plumbing problems can cause stress, especially if you only have one bathroom. Rest easy and book an annual plumbing inspection. It’s a good way to stave off larger problems and be informed about the quality of your piping in general.


A Dripping Faucet Is Okay Leaky faucets may seem innocuous, but those drips can end up being more than a drop in the bucket in terms of what you pay. Canadians lose a significant amount of water via household leaks. For the average homeowner, leaks lead to higher water bills, so have your sink repaired as soon as you notice the issue.


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