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The Newest Innovations in HVAC Technology

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Innovations in technology are changing industries around the world every day, and HVAC is no different. It wasn’t long ago that any discussion of HVAC systems was in reference to large, commercial and office buildings. But these days, some residential HVAC systems are as technically sophisticated as their commercial counterparts – helping homeowners save the environment and money on their utility bills. Your HVAC contractor should be able to recommend the latest energy-efficient equipment to you, including some of these exciting innovations:


Geothermal power

Geothermal power is a sustainable energy source produced by extracting the natural heat stored beneath the surface of the earth. As an environmentally friendly, sustainable energy source, geothermal systems recover heat from the earth and re-purpose it to heat homes and generate electricity. Geothermal heating is renewable, reliable and efficient, and having one could potentially reduce your energy bills and pay for itself in a short period of time.


Learning thermostats

Thermostats like the NEST Learning Thermostat™ learn your home’s heating and cooling habits in order to maximize your energy efficiency, and could potentially save you an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. Furthermore, the NEST® Learning Thermostat can be accessed remotely by Internet or smartphone app, giving the user the ability to control the heat even when they’re out of town.


Apps and smart homes

The ability to control your home’s heating and air conditioning from your mobile device or tablet was just the beginning of the next wave of connected HVAC innovations. Having a simple Wi-Fi connection can now allow your HVAC system to notify you of various problems and statistics to keep you ahead of any potential problems. For example, when your filter gathers dust or is in dire need of replacement, or your heat pump isn’t working, the system can send you a text on your phone notifying you of the same. Your system can also provide you with the amount of energy it has consumed and the estimated energy usage for the week. With today’s technology, you can harness the true power of the internet in your home’s HVAC system!


Green technologies

From thermally driven chillers that provide a low-cost energy alternative to conventional air conditioning, to ice-powered air conditioning units that cool entire buildings, many green HVAC technologies are helping us reduce energy consumption in an environmentally friendly way. While not all of these innovations are currently available for residential purposes, the future looks bright for the HVAC industry, as technology is helping homeowners lower their costs and reduce their carbon footprint.



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