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How to Lower Your Cooling Costs this Season

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A penny saved is a penny earned, and with cooling costs representing a significant portion of the monthly energy bill during the spring and summer, every homeowner wants to save money where they can.


Here are our simple tips for cutting your cooling costs this year:

1. Close the shades


Did you know that blinds, screens and sunshades can prevent up to 60% of the sun’s heat from permeating your windows at home? The less heat you allow into your home, the less your air conditioner has to work to keep you cool, which can potentially save you money on your monthly energy bill. Installing energy-efficient window treatments such as awnings, interior blinds or blackout curtains can greatly reduce the heat in your home.

2. Change your lightbulbs


Most homeowners know by now that compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs), or light emitting diode lightbulbs (LED’s) can cut lighting costs, but not many know that they can cut cooling costs, too. Standard incandescent light bulbs give off a lot more heat than CFLs or LEDs, and as an added bonus, CFLs last up to 10 times longer and LEDs last up to 25 times longer. That means you can use less energy and reduce waste, because you won’t need to replace your bulbs as frequently.

3. Use a programmable thermostat


Installing a programmable thermostat (if you don’t already have one) will allow you to effectively manage your cooling costs during the sunniest season. A programmable thermostat will automatically adjust your air conditioner use based on your daily routine to ensure that you aren’t blasting the A/C at times when your home is typically empty.

4. Avoid the oven


Using the oven will heat up more rooms than just your kitchen, and your air conditioner will have to work extra hard to keep you cool. Instead of baking in the oven or cooking on the stove, opt for the microwave, crockpot, or cook outdoors  on the BBQ instead.

5. Maintain your unit


An annual service call for your air conditioner, typically performed at the beginning of spring, can ensure your air conditioner is not working harder than it needs to, possibly cutting cooling costs and lengthening its lifespan. Lack of maintenance may lead to problems with your air conditioner, even though proper care is only a few clicks or a phone call away!


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