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How to Choose the Best HVAC System for your Home

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For homeowners that are planning on buying or renting a new HVAC system this year, it’s important to learn as much as possible about the different options available. In fact, there are certain secrets within the HVAC industry that could cost you thousands of dollars when choosing a new furnace or air conditioner. Being properly informed will help you make decisions about the right brand, the right contractor and the right financing options for your system.


Choosing the right brand

When looking to invest in a new HVAC system, it’s important to know all of the options available to you. Some contractors will only show you limited options because they have a close relationship with a specific manufacturer and an incentive to sell that specific brand. Some signs that you might be making the wrong choice when it comes to understanding your options include:


  • The contractor tells you that one brand is better than another
  • The contractor evades your questions about different brands
  • The contractor has a manufacturers logo on their shirt


Choosing the right HVAC system for your home requires considering the size, ENERGY STAR® rating, location (central vs local), and service that each brand and contractor can offer.


Choosing the right contractor

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners often make is to only compare the cost of the equipment they are choosing, and not compare the contractors they would potentially be purchasing from. Even the best equipment, when installed by an inexperienced or unqualified technician, can potentially cost you thousands in repair costs in the long-run. Some of the signs that your contractor might not be qualified to install your equipment include:


  • No TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) number on their truck
  • No maintenance and service guarantees


When choosing a contractor, it’s also worth keeping in mind that many do not provide any warranty other than the manufacturer’s warranty, which could prove to be limiting.


Choosing the right financing options

While there are multiple ways for you to pay for your new HVAC equipment, there is likely only one that best suits your specific needs. Understanding all of your options is the first step in picking the right one for your home. For instance, did you know that you can rent your equipment for a low monthly rate rather than purchase it? Some HVAC contractors won’t tell you this because they don’t have the ability to offer you those terms.


Reliance™ carries an extensive lineup of brand name furnace and air conditioner bundles. We also offer some of the best guarantees in the business and one of Canada’s largest networks of professional, licensed technical experts. If you have questions you need answered, or you are getting overwhelmed by the process, you can book a free, no-obligation SmartFit consultation with a Reliance Home Comfort™ Advisor. We’d be delighted to walk you through this process personally, at no charge to you.



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