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Common Home Electrical Problems to Look Out For



Faults in home electricity can lead to house fires. Understanding which problems should be looked at by an electrician can not only save you money on your insurance and deductible – it can also save your life.


To avoid a potentially catastrophic situation, we have pulled together a list of the five common electrical problems to look for in your home:


Exceeding recommended wattage: Using a stronger light bulb than recommended can cause your fixture to overheat resulting in bare wires due to melting. When the wires make contact, you may notice sparks or flickering lights. This can lead to injury or electrical fire.


Tripping breakers: If you have a breaker that trips when you try to use an appliance, be sure the amperage is high enough for the appliance. Tripping breakers can also be caused by overload, or having too many items plugged into one circuit. Try spreading things out a bit. If this does not solve the problem, call an electrician as soon as possible.


Shocks when touching appliances: Static electricity from carpets, especially during the winter, will increase shocks. If you’re getting shocks only when touching a certain appliance, your ground fault may be shorting out. This should be investigated by an electrician immediately to avoid injury.


A burning plastic odor or sparks from outlets and switches: You should turn the power off at the main breaker panel and call an electrician. A burning odor suggests the beginnings of an electrical fire.


Plugs falling out of an electrical socket: This problem usually occurs when contacts in the receptacle are worn and can no longer grip the plug. This can be a high risk due to arcing.


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