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How your Ductwork Impacts your HVAC System

Exposed Ductwork in Design

When you’ve incurred the expense of installing a high-quality, energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, the last thing you want is for its efficiency to be compromised with a mediocre support system. Yet, ductwork is often the most ignored component of a home comfort structure. Knowing how your ductwork will impact your HVAC system will help home owners take duct efficiency and performance issues into consideration earlier, before the construction of a home or a major renovation.



Leaks – one way in which conditioned air can get lost in the duct system – make your HVAC system work harder, potentially costing up to hundreds of dollars a year in heating and cooling costs. Reducing duct leaks allows more conditioned air to reach all of the rooms in your home. This improves your heating and cooling system’s efficiency, which in turn could decrease your utility bills. Without considering ductwork in your home’s design, you could be paying bills for home comfort but will never enjoy the full benefit.



Properly built and preserved air ducts will ensure that your furnace and air conditioner can achieve maximum energy efficiency. Pressurized air must flow through ducts and over the coils, with air flowing uninhibited through both the supply and return registers. Leaks or inadequate connections affect the pressure in the system, resulting in loss of conditioned air and possible entry of unconditioned air. This loss of conditioned air means that the HVAC system must work harder and longer to reach and preserve desired temperatures and consume more energy to do so.


Air Quality

Ductings can affect a home’s air supply by continuing to attract dirt, allergens and other debris, allowing it to continue to circulate through your home and contaminate your heating and cooling equipment. Many of these substances are allergy or asthma triggers that create an unhealthy environment for those who suffer from these respiratory ailments.


In order to help avoid any of these problems with your HVAC system, make sure to have your ductwork checked at the first sign of problems. An experienced HVAC contractor can identify issues with your ductwork and recommend the proper solutions to improve the air circulation in your home.


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